Tips for Small Streamers: 9 Common but Crucial Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Curious as to why your streaming videos are receiving fewer views? It’s likely due to one of these 9 common mistakes made by new streamers. However, fret not, as it’s not too late to rectify the situation by adhering to these 9 tips for small streamers!

As a small streamer, you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and achieve greatness. By avoiding common mistakes early on, you can set yourself apart and lay a strong foundation for your streaming career.

Now, we’ll explore 9 essential tips that will help you navigate the challenges and maximize your potential as a small streamer. Let’s dive in!

Tips for Small Streamers: 9 Common Mistakes of New Streamers (+ Solution)

how to get started as a streamer
how to get started as a streamer

Tips for Small Streamers #1: Always Keep Talking on Stream

One of the biggest mistakes new streamers make is staying silent and failing to engage with their audience. Even if you’re just starting out and don’t have many viewers, it’s crucial to keep the conversation flowing.

Remember, viewers are looking for entertainment and connection. Don’t be afraid to chat, share anecdotes, and make your streams lively.

A recent survey revealed that 44% of Twitch streamers believe the biggest mistake at the beginning is not talking enough. So, be the streamer who captivates their audience with engaging dialogue.

Tip #2: Choose Games Strategically

Playing oversaturated games can make it extremely challenging for viewers to discover your channel.

Instead, opt for niche games with a dedicated following and fewer broadcasters. By focusing on these games, you increase your chances of standing out and attracting an audience.

However, if you’re determined to play popular titles, invest time in perfecting your production value and creating compelling content. Additionally, leverage social media to promote your streams effectively.

Remember, careful planning can help you achieve Twitch Affiliate status in just seven days, opening the door to monetization opportunities.

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Tip 3: Embrace Inclusive Chat

The next tip for small streamers is embracing an inclusive chat.

Don’t lock your chat behind follower or subscriber restrictions, especially when you’re starting out. By doing so, you create a barrier that discourages potential viewers from interacting with you.

While some streamers use this feature to combat trolls, there are better ways to handle them. Convert trusted followers into moderators and utilize chatbots to minimize disruptive behavior.

Tip 4: Stick to Your Streaming Schedule

Consistency is key in building a loyal audience. Avoid taking long breaks, as even a short absence can significantly impact your stream’s growth.

Plan your schedule carefully and inform your viewers about any upcoming changes or vacations. Update your profile and keep your social media followers in the loop.

If you are still struggling with scheduling your streaming sessions, consider checking out How to Manage Live Streaming Schedule Effectively for Beginners for more tips.

Tip 5: Engage with New Viewers

Building a community requires acknowledging and engaging with both regular and new viewers. This is the simplest tips for small streamers.

Why? It is because you just need to simply greet everyone warmly, smile at the camera, and ensure they feel valued while watching your stream.

Some streamers solely fixate on their current viewer count, leading to a negative mood during streaming. Avoid this. Instead, maintain a positive attitude, be kind to everyone, and appreciate their interest. Over time, your viewer count will naturally increase.

Tip 6: Enhance Your Stream Quality

how to get started as a streamer
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Technical issues can be a major turnoff for viewers. Invest time in improving your stream’s sound, video, and lighting. Presented below are simple checklists that can assist you in enhancing the quality of your content:

  • Learn about your streaming software, like how to use it for gaining maximum result.
  • Upgrade your streaming equipment.
  • Check your sound levels.
  • Ensure your voice isn’t drowned out by background music.
  • Synchronize your audio with video.
  • Pay attention to your video quality and resolution.
  • Ensure to use smooth frame rates and a clutter-free screen.
  • Add visual appeal to your stream.

Tip 7: Engage in Twitch Communities

Take the time to support and connect with other streamers. Becoming part of a Twitch community is an excellent way to network, find like-minded individuals, and potentially collaborate in the future.

Try visiting other channels, actively participate in chats without promoting yourself, and help fellow streamers build their communities. By fostering genuine relationships, you’ll create a network of allies who can support and uplift each other.

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Tip 8: Promote Your Stream Consistently

Don’t limit your stream promotion solely to Twitch. Utilize social media platforms to generate buzz before your stream begins.

For instance, social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter offer great opportunities to find followers and engage with your audience beyond Twitch.

By diversifying your promotional efforts, you broaden your reach and increase your chances of attracting new followers.

Tip 9: Educate Yourself on Streaming

Research is the key to unlocking your full streaming potential. Many new streamers overlook the importance of learning and improving their channels.

By dedicating time to understand your streaming platform, streaming software, and exploring ways to meet new people, you’ll gain a competitive edge and accelerate your growth.


Embarking on a streaming career can be daunting, but by avoiding these common mistakes, you can save time, energy, and unlock your true potential. In addition, you can explore additional tips for small streamers at Eklipse Blog. Happy streaming!

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