What is YouTube Super Chat? Engaging Monetization for Viewers

YouTube has recently introduced a new Partner Program specifically tailored for live streamers. With a reduced subscriber requirement, creators can now benefit from one of its monetization features, the YouTube Super Chat.

Monetize Your Live Streams with YouTube Super Chat

YouTube Super Chat allows creators to monetize their live streams effectively.

When viewers join a live stream, they’ll notice a dollar bill symbol in the chat screen. By clicking on this symbol, a slider appears, enabling them to choose a dollar amount they wish to send to the YouTuber.

The dollar amount isn’t arbitrary; it holds significance. The more a viewer pays, the longer their comment remains pinned, up to five hours, and the more characters they can use in their message.

Paid messages stand out in a distinct color, making them easily visible to the streamers. By clicking on colored pins near the top of the chat window, streamers can cycle through these paid messages.

Enhancing Viewer Engagement with Super Chat

Super Chat allows messages to be visible to anyone watching the livestream. The payment amount is also visible, promoting a sense of appreciation for the contributions made.

Similar to Twitch’s Cheers, YouTube’s Super Chat focuses on chat messages rather than special emoticons, making it an engaging feature for both creators and viewers.

Building Your Audience with Super Chat

Super Chat is a tool that attracts and engages Super Fans, dedicated followers willing to pay for enhanced interaction.

It helps popular YouTube creators and influencers overcome the challenge of engaging with a large number of followers, making fans feel more connected.

Super Chats stand out visually from regular messages, increasing the chances of being noticed during a livestream. This empowers fans to interact meaningfully with their favorite creators.

Even smaller broadcasters can benefit from promoting Super Chats.

By promoting livestreams extensively and engaging existing followers, they can attract more viewers and increase the chances of receiving donations. Acknowledging and responding to Super Chats is crucial to make fans feel appreciated and encourage more participation.

Offering exclusive incentives for Super Chat donations can also be a game-changer, as it entices viewers to participate and support the channel.

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Understanding YouTube’s Revenue Share

As YouTube is owned by Google, payments are processed through Google Ads.

Creators need to set up an account and link it to their YouTube account to receive Super Chat payments. Super Fans have the flexibility to pay any amount from $1 to $500.

However, it’s essential to note that creators don’t retain the entire revenue earned through Super Chat.

YouTube/Google retains approximately 30% of the earnings. The Super Chat Terms of Agreement states that “Except as otherwise agreed to in this Addendum and subject to Sections 5.1(c), 5.4, and 5.5 below, Google will pay to Provider an amount equal to 70% multiplied by the greater of: (A) Commerce Revenues, or (B) the Suggested Retail Price for the relevant Commerce Content (if applicable). Google will retain the remainder.”

This retained amount includes credit card processing fees that YouTube must pay to the credit card companies.


In conclusion, YouTube Super Chat is an invaluable tool for creators to monetize their live streams and engage with their audience more effectively.

By understanding the dynamics of Super Chat and optimizing its usage, content creators can enhance viewer engagement, foster a dedicated fan base, and generate revenue to support their channels.

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