Can I Monetize Gameplay Videos Without Commentary on YouTube? 5 Useful Tips Explained!

Have you ever wanted to create gaming videos for YouTube, but commentary just isn’t your thing? You’re in luck! Monetizing gameplay videos without talking is possible, and there are even successful channels out there that prove it.

This can be a common concern for new gaming content creators. After all, not everyone feels comfortable narrating their gameplay. While YouTube’s official stance leans towards commentary for monetization, there are ways for silent playthroughs to thrive.

Let’s dive into some strategies for making money with commentary-free gameplay videos.

Can I Monetize Gameplay Videos Without Commentary on YouTube?

monetizing gaming video without commentary
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Turning your gameplay videos into cash on YouTube is doable, but there’s a catch: it depends on the game itself.

Some game companies are cool with you using their content to make money, while others might have rules.

Always check the publisher’s legal info before hitting upload, especially if you’re aiming to monetize.

The good news is, commentary or no commentary, you can still make money from your gameplay videos. Just avoid using any copyrighted music or sounds that aren’t part of the game itself.

There are other ways to bring in the bucks too, like affiliate marketing, snagging sponsorships, or even selling online courses.

YouTube’s Monetization Policy

YouTube monetization policy
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Want to turn your YouTube channel into a money-maker? YouTube’s Monetization Policy is your key. It’s a set of guidelines that ensure you’re creating content that’s suitable for ads and other ways to earn income.

This includes things like AdSense, where you get paid for ads displayed on your videos, Channel Memberships where fans pay a monthly fee for perks, and Super Chat, a way for viewers to pay to highlight their messages during your live streams. By following these policies, you’ll be setting yourself up for YouTube success!

  • YouTube Partner Program (YPP): This is the main program that allows creators to monetize their videos with ads and other features. To join YPP, creators need to meet certain eligibility criteria, such as having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months.
  • Advertiser-friendly content guidelines: These are the guidelines that determine whether a video is suitable for ads or not. Videos that contain inappropriate or harmful content, such as violence, hate speech, nudity, or misleading information, may not be eligible for monetization or may receive limited or no ads.
  • Content ID: This is a system that helps YouTube and rights holders manage and protect their intellectual property on YouTube. Content ID scans uploaded videos and compares them with a database of files submitted by content owners. If a match is found, the rights holder can choose to monetize, block, or track the video.
  • YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines: These are the general rules that apply to all users and creators on YouTube. They cover topics such as spam, harassment, privacy, and security. Violating these rules may result in penalties, such as strikes, suspensions, or terminations.

YouTube’s Monetization Policy is constantly evolving to reflect the changing needs and expectations of the platform, the creators, the advertisers, and the viewers. Therefore, creators need to stay updated and informed about the latest changes and best practices.

What is needed for a successful no-commentary YouTube gaming channel?

successful no-commentary YouTube gaming channel
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Standing out in the world of YouTube gaming can be tough, but a no-commentary channel can carve its niche. Here’s what you’ll need to stand out:

  • Master the Game

    Since you won’t be captivating viewers with your wit, you’ll need to blow them away with your skills. Become one of the best players out there, consistently pulling off impressive moves that leave audiences in awe.

  • Production Polish

    High-quality visuals are a must. Crisp 60fps recordings ensure smooth gameplay, while editing plays a starring role. Think sound effects that enhance the action, catchy background music, and subtitles for wider appeal. Don’t forget some cool edits to keep things visually dynamic.

  • Patience is Key

    Building a no-commentary channel takes serious dedication. Growth might feel slow compared to channels with charismatic hosts. But with perseverance and quality content, you can cultivate a loyal audience who craves your unique brand of gameplay mastery.

What Stops A YouTube Video From Being Monetized?

factors stopping YouTube video monetization
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Several factors can stop a YouTube video from being monetized, such as:

  • Not meeting the eligibility criteria for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which requires at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months.
  • Violating the advertiser-friendly content guidelines, which prohibit inappropriate or harmful content, such as violence, hate speech, nudity, or misleading information.
  • Receiving a copyright claim from a content owner, who can choose to monetize, block, or track the video using Content ID.
  • Breaking the YouTube Terms of Service or Community Guidelines may result in penalties, such as strikes, suspensions, or terminations.

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Can You Post Gameplay On YouTube Without Copyright?

posting gameplay on YouTube without copyright
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The answer is not very simple, as it depends on the video game publisher’s policy and the fair use doctrine. Generally speaking, you can post gameplay on YouTube without infringing the copyright of the game developer or publisher, as long as:

  • You have permission from the game publisher to use their game footage in your videos. Some publishers have explicit policies that allow or prohibit gameplay videos on YouTube, while others may not have any official statement. You should always check the game publisher’s website or contact them directly to find out their stance on gameplay videos.
  • You add your original commentary, criticism, or analysis to the gameplay footage, and do not simply upload the game’s cutscenes, music, or other copyrighted elements. This may qualify as fair use, which is a legal doctrine that allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission for purposes such as education, parody, or news reporting.
  • You follow YouTube’s Monetization Policy, which includes the YouTube Partner Program requirements, the advertiser-friendly content guidelines, the Content ID system, and the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

However, even if you follow these guidelines, there is no guarantee that your gameplay videos will not be claimed, blocked, or removed by YouTube or the game publisher, as they have the final say on how their content is used on YouTube.

Therefore, you should always be prepared to deal with any potential disputes or appeals that may arise from trying to Monetize Gameplay Videos Without Commentary on YouTube.

How to Get Full YouTube Monetization For Your Gaming Videos

getting full YouTube monetization for gaming videos
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Getting full YouTube monetization for your gaming videos can be challenging, as you need to follow the advertiser-friendly content guidelines and avoid violating the community guidelines. To get full YouTube monetization for your gaming videos, you should try to:

  • Keep your titles and thumbnails as ‘clean’ as possible. Avoid using partially censored profanity, adult references, or sexual themes in these visual elements, as they may result in fewer ads or limited monetization. Use fully censored or abbreviated profanity, such as “WTF” or “What the \*\*\*\*”, instead.
  • Don’t emphasize graphic violence or gore in a game. YouTube understands that some games have violence, and you can get full monetization for those. However, if you zoom in on bloody injuries or fatalities, or create gory compilations, YouTube will limit or turn off ads for your videos. Try to censor or minimize those graphic scenes.
  • Limit the use of sexually suggestive gaming content. Romance is a common theme in some games, and you can get full monetization for regular romantic scenes, such as an affectionate kiss. However, if you show explicit sexual content, such as nudity, intercourse, or sexual fetishes, YouTube will limit or turn off ads for your videos. Try to avoid or blur those sexual scenes.
  • Keep strong profanity out of gaming commentary. YouTube allows moderate profanity, such as “bitch” or “shit”, in your gaming commentary, as long as it is not used frequently or in the first 7 seconds of your video. However, if you use stronger profanity, such as the f-word, in your commentary, YouTube will limit ads for your video. Try to use less or no profanity in your commentary.

You should also analyze your metrics and improve your strategy based on the feedback and trends. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of getting full YouTube monetization for your gaming videos.

Final Thoughts

Monetizing gameplay videos without commentary is entirely possible with the right strategies. Ensure compliance with YouTube’s guidelines, respect game publishers’ policies, and explore diverse monetization methods beyond ad revenue.

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