How Much is 100 Subs on Twitch? Answer Revealed!

Do you like supporting your favorite Twitch streamers with subscription gifts? Do you know how much 100 subs on Twitch cost? If not, we have the details of the cost and benefits of 100 subs on Twitch for you.

Twitch provides various ways to support streamers financially, such as gifted subscriptions, Twitch affiliates, and merchandise. However, each method offers different net earnings and costs. So, you should carefully understand each profit opportunity.

Now, let’s dive right into the explanation of how much 100 subs on Twitch cost here!

How Much is 100 Subs on Twitch?

how much is 100 subs on twitch

Twitch, a leading streaming platform, offers various ways to support your favorite streamers, including gifting subscriptions to their channels. However, understanding the cost of 100 gifted subs can be essential to some people. Here’s a breakdown:

Tier 1 – $4.99 Each

Tier 1 gifted subs, the most affordable option, cost $4.99 per month per sub. To gift 100 Tier 1 subs, it would total $499 per month.

Tier 2 – $9.99 Each

For Tier 2 gifted Twitch subs, each one costs $9.99. To gift 100 Tier 2 subs, you’d need to spend $999.

Tier 3 – $24.99 Each (Limited to 40 at Once)

Tier 3 subs are the most expensive, priced at $24.99 per sub. However, there’s a limit of 40 Tier 3 subs that you can purchase at once, totaling $999.60.

Keep in mind that additional taxes may apply, depending on your location.

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Benefits of Gifted Subs: Tier Differences

Each tier of gifted subs comes with various benefits, enhancing the streaming experience for subscribers:

  • Tier 1: Subscribers get access to specific badges and emotes, ad-free viewing, and the ability to chat during subscriber-only chat periods.
  • Tier 2 and 3: These tiers offer even more advantages, including additional emotes from Twitch affiliates and partners, prominent badges, and access to a range of perks detailed in the Higher Tier section during the subscription process.

Streamer Earnings from Gifted Subs

If you’ve ever wondered if your favorite Twitch streamers benefit from gifted subs, the answer is yes. Streamers receive a portion of the subscription revenue from gifted subs.

Typically, a streamer earns approximately half of the gifted sub price. For instance, if someone purchases 100 Tier 1 gifted subs for a total of $499, the streamer would receive around $250, with the remaining half going to Twitch.

Popular streamers can negotiate more favorable terms, potentially earning over 50% of the gifted sub price. Some streamers even create leaderboards, encouraging fans to compete for their attention by gifting subs, increasing both the streamer’s income and fan engagement.

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Additional Ways to Support Twitch Streamers

Besides gifting subs, there are alternative ways to support your favorite Twitch channels:

  1. Bits: Twitch’s virtual currency, where 100 bits are worth approximately $1.68. Streamers receive about $1 for every 100 bits donated.
  2. Direct Donations: You can donate money directly to streamers through platforms like PayPal or by transferring funds to their bank accounts.
  3. Merchandise: Many streamers offer merchandise, so purchasing items like shirts and mugs can be a great way to support them.
  4. Affiliate Links: If the streamer has affiliate partnerships, consider shopping through their provided links, as they may earn a commission from your purchases.

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In conclusion, understanding the cost of 100 gifted subs on Twitch and how streamers benefit from them can help you make informed decisions about supporting your favorite channels. Don’t forget to explore various ways to support streamers, and your contributions can help them continue providing the content you enjoy. Happy streaming!

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