Fortnite Chicken Peck Quest: A Guide to Deal Damage to Opponents

Fortnite chicken peck
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Avian Ambush Week is starting on Fortnite. Now that the chicken population returns to glory in time, they are no longer calm and passive creatures. Moreover, the chickens will turn aggressive and will peck at opponents. Due to this condition, there comes the Fortnite chicken peck quest you should have completed.

However, many players might not know yet how to deal damage with a chicken peck to enemies on Fortnite. But thankfully, we have already covered some tips to complete this challenge. Before you can say Jack Robinson, let’s just dive deeper into the guide!

1. Catch and Tame a Chicken

Fortnite Chicken Peck
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The first thing you should do before dealing chicken peck damage Fortnite to your enemies is find the chicken. Basically, chickens like warm weather, therefore, you can probably find a large number of chickens in Desert Biome.

Alternatively, they also exist outside Lustrous Lagoon, Tainted Towers, and Greasy Grove. In addition, you can also find them in the snow biome, but they’ll probably be very rare. Once it comes into sight, then catch one down with two of your hands.
In case you fail to chase one of them, it’s best to wait until they settle down before attempting to grab them again.

2. Deal Damage of Fortnite Chicken Peck to Opponents

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Now that you already got a chicken in your hand, get within melee range of your opponent. But be careful in case your enemies will open fire. Better to be ready for some fancy footwork to dodge bullets.

Go to any NPC locations on Fortnite to make them angry, while keep holding on to the chicken. You can smack it with a pickaxe or fire a shot to turn them hostile. Once it is hostile, get your chicken closer to the opponent’s face and let it peck away!

One quick note, the challenge doesn’t specify what or who you need to damage with a Fortnite chicken peck. So, you can target NPCs or Wildlife like guinea pigs. One peck from the chicken to an enemy is enough to be registered as complete.

3. Get the Reward from Fortnite Chicken Peck Challenge

Once you’ve succeeded to deal damage with a chicken peck to your foe, you’ll earn 20,000 XP for the reward. Other than that, if you have completed enough quests to reach Bonus Goals before the event ended on November 29, you’ll then grab the Level Up Tokens that will be useful to unlock the Chrome Punk Skin on Fortnite.


So, that’s all about the Fortnite Chicken Peck challenge and how you can complete it. It’s actually challenging, though. But with this guide, we hope that you will be able to accomplish it smoothly. Good luck! Stay tuned to our blog for more updates about games and streaming tutorials.

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