Apex Legends Predator List: How to Easily Access It

If you are new to this game, you might wonder what the Apex Legends Predator list is. It’s a list that consists of the best Apex Legends players worldwide. With over a hundred million players all over the world, there are only 750 names that will be included on this list.

Since Apex Legends is a cross-platform game, so there are 750 predators on each platform. Do you want to see whose names are on the list? We got you.

But unfortunately, seeing Apex Predators isn’t like seeing stats and an Apex rank list. It requires a third-party site to be able to access the list. Luckily, you can figure out how to see the list through this article. Let’s begin.

How to See The Apex Legends Predator List

Apex Legends Predator List
Source: GGRecon

There are several websites you can visit in order to see the Apex Legends Live Leaderboard list. For instance, you can go to Apex Tracker or Apex Stats.

Through these websites, you’ll be able to see a comprehensive overview of ranked stats. Aside from that, you can also get access to see the detailed statistics page of each player, including the account level, total kills, damage, and more.

More than that, the sites also allow you to check which legends the chosen player uses most often, as well as how their recent matches went. You can even know some Apex Predators’ Twitch and Twitter accounts if they linked their socials up to their profile on the list.

Additionally, the Apex Predators leaderboard is sorted by the Ranked Score or Ranked Points. The higher a player’s points, the higher their position on the list.

Top 20 Players on The Apex legends predator list

We have covered the best 20 players that are included in the Apex Predator list. Check the list below.

RankPlayerRank ScoreLevel
1FURIA HisWattson62,524948
5Xera | Twitch52,9882,151
17Eternal O2O48,3981,174
Source: Apex Tracker


Given how essential the Apex Legends Predator list is for most players, Respawn should consider putting this feature into the game menu in the future. By doing this, people don’t have to go to other sites but can access them directly from the game.

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