How to Beat Atomgrad Raid in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

how to beat atomgrad

Since the Atomgrad Raid on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now airing, all the die-hard fans of this shooting game are starting to wonder how to beat Atomgrad. Take it easy, pals. This article will show you some steps to complete this Raid and reap the rewards.

Atomgrad is basically a part of the Season 1 Reloaded update. It’s a trio mission that will require you to solve a series of puzzles while enduring attacks from enemies. Given that, you’ll need good communication, teamwork, as well as solid skills to get through this mission.

Well, without further ado, let’s take a look at the guide and walkthrough.

Step 1. How to Beat the Atomgrad Raid

How to Beat Atomgrad
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The first step on how to beat the Atomgrad Raid mission is completing a challenge to get a Raid Assignment. Additionally, there are three ways you can take in order to get the Raid Assignment. They are:

  1. Accomplish a specific daily quest (in multiplayer or Spec Ops).
  2. Place within the top 20 in any Warzone 2 BR Playlist.
  3. Use the final exfil helicopter with at least $30,000 in cash, in DMZ.

One completed challenge will grant you a Raid Assignment. After you get this, find two players you can invite as your teammates, or join a friend who has already got their assignment.

It’s worth highlighting that there’s no option to play solo or duo in this mission. No matter what happens, you must team up with two of your friends.

Step 2. Decipher a Raid Code to Open the Submarine Doors

Clear out the enemies from the start of the raid, and work your way up the tunnel until you see a small room with a red light above the entrance. Go inside the room and find a button on the wall on the right of the monitors. 

 Split your team into different roles, two players to each room’s monitor, cycle the camera through the monitor, and the last one will be in charge of solving the puzzle.

how Decipher an Atomgrad Raid Code to beat the Submarine Doors

Additionally, the one who is responsible for deciphering the code will be in the main room. The code will be displayed on the code box, placed in the corner of the monitors. It’s worth noting that the code will be showing three numbers and three Russian letters. 

The code person then should describe the first letter, while the other two cycle through the cameras on the security monitors until they find the camera that shows up a set of numbers and letters. 

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Once a player finds that the first letter matches the initial codes on the box, they have to call out the numbers under the matching letter. Repeat the step for the other two letters on the code box. 

Eventually, you’ll get s three-digit code that should be input into the machine, right of the TV monitor in the first room.

Be careful of the false symbol. If neither of the three of you sees the symbol describe, skip it and keep calling out the letters until you get three numbers to input. 

Step 3. Swim Along An Underwater Maze

Now you and your teammates will be required to swim in a large underwater maze without drowning. Given that, you’ll need to pick an air tank from a table on the left corner of the area. But since there’s only one air tank, you’ll have to pass the tank between everyone to keep enough air to swim forward through the underwater maze. 

Eventually, you’ll find a gate and a red button. Now, one of the team members should hit the button and hold it to open, while the other two swim through the gate. Once the two players get in on the other side, they can press another button and let the last player swim through. 

You are going to see a set of stairs beyond the gate, where you can come out of the water and grab the checkpoint. Then, dive back down into the water into a flooded hallway. Be careful with the tripwires. If you aren’t armored up, you can be killed.

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Continue swimming until you see green glow sticks marking a doorway on the right. Swim onwards, over the debris and items, then take a right. Open the doors and follow the arrows on the wall. There will be another room with a ton of tripwires. Avoid them and continue swimming onwards.

 Once you see a large hole, swim downwards once again as you follow the wall around the edge. Take a left and find a hazard sign. Finally, swim upwards through a large metal door to reach the safe area.

In the safe area, there will be a generator which should be activated by one of you, then hit the button underneath the water to let other players swim through. Now you have to kill two enemies and stock up on weapons, items, and gear for the next fights.

Step 4. Complete the Final Puzzle

Once you’ve stocked up, now one player needs to stand by the control panel in the red room, while another at the blue room. These panels will be interacted with to see codes similar to the previous code room you’ve solved. 

In addition, you can take a quick peek at the room to find the codes and move immediately. The remaining player then must be ready at the code machines. The players in the red and blue rooms should press the control panel buttons at the same time to activate the code box for the third player. Now you can start the cipher process.

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It’s pretty much like the previous deciphering process. The code person will call out the letters, while the other players need to call out the number as quickly as possible or find out if the symbol is false and need to be skipped.

Once the codes are correctly input into the machine, there will be bomb drones attacking the red room. On another side, the blue room will become deadly due to the lethal gas and AI enemies. Cleaning out the enemies and the boom drones while avoiding the gas. Repeat this step up to the third set.

Step 5. Defend the Doors

This is the last step on how to beat the Atomgrad Raid. You’ll then find a large set of doors that will slowly open up. Defend these doors from the AI opponents and bomb drones while they open up until the time runs out. Do your best because it might be the toughest combat challenge in the Raid.

The last 30 seconds will be quite intense with juggernauts, AI enemies, and bomb dromes coming from both sides. Make sure to fight them back with everything you have and save the miniguns from the juggernauts. Once the timer ends, kill the remaining enemies and complete the raid.


That’s the guide on how to beat Atomgrad Raid in Modern Warfare 2. Well, it’s a tough fight indeed. But if you manage to have good communication and teamwork, you’ll be able to nail the puzzles and clear out the encounters. 

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