Modern Warfare 2 Safe Code and Locations

Modern Warfare 2 Safe Code
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Activision granted players early access to the Modern Warfare 2 campaign on October 20. If you are one of the players with this chance, you must be enjoying the game now. Well, during the game, you may find a safe and look for a way to get Modern Warfare 2 safe code to open it.

Well, we could say it will take a lot of energy and time to figure it out. But thankfully, this article has covered the list of safe codes, safe locations, and rewards. In addition, there is also a guide if you want to find the codes in the mission. Just keep reading!

All Modern Warfare 2 Safe Code and Locations

Basically, there are three Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 codes you can use to crack the safe in El Sin Nombre and Alone missions. Here’s the detail.

El Sin Nombre

Modern Warfare 2 Safe Code
Source: Game Atlas
  • Safe code: 02-02-19
  • Code clue: find a date on a Lazar Salgado poster
  • Safe location: In Diego’s bedroom on the first floor. Find the safe inside a wardrobe to the right of the entrance to the en suite.
  • Rewards: Plate Carrier and Lockwood 300 shotgun

Alone Safe #1

Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 Safe Codes
Source: COD Zombie
  • Safe code: 10-10-80
  • Code clue: Find a calendar in the room
  • Safe location: In the manager’s office room of the coffee shop. After finding a dying man. Pry one of the doors open with a blade to find the safe.
  • Rewards: Throwing knife and 50 GS handgun

Alone Safe #2

Source: IGN
  • Safe code: 37-60-80
  • Code clue: Examine the computer in the room
  • Safe location: In El Maistro garage, a car repair shop. Exit the coffee shop and go to the next building.
  • Rewards: Crossbow


So that’s all about Modern Warfare 2 Safe Code and the safe locations. Now that you have got the codes, you can directly find the safes by following the guide above without needing to process the code clue. Once you’ve got all the rewards, you can use them to finish the missions and earn the Gentleman Thief achievement. Good luck!