How to Fix Instagram Reels No Sound: Updated 2023

Users are facing problems while watching reels and stories feature due to Instagram sound not working on iPhone 12. Instagram is now the fastest-growing social media app and keeps adding many features to it. Unfortunately, more and more people have reported Instagram Reels no Sound after iPhone updated its iOS to 14.6 / 14.8 / 15.

The no-sound issue on Instagram started randomly and seems to happen regularly while watching friends’ reels and stories. The problem is not limited to iPhone but iPad is also facing this problem.

Almost all iPhones including iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, XR, and XS MAX are facing the same issue and it seems Instagram is muted by default for reels and stories, even when iPhone is not in silent mode. In some cases, Instagram stories don’t play in silent mode but for other iPhone users, Instagram stories don’t play any sound even at full volume.

1: How to Fix Instagram Reels no Sound: Mute Button on iPhone

instagram reels no sound
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An easy solution to fix no sound issue on Instagram stories is to try toggling the mute button (on the iPhone side) on/off and toggling sounds higher/lower a few times. This seems to fix the problem most of the time for iPhone users to play sound in Instagram stories.

2: Force Close the App

Another way to fix no sound on Instagram stories is to force close the Instagram app. Open the app window on iPhone and Swipe the app to force close the app and remove it from RAM. Reopen Instagram and check if this problem is fixed or not.

3: How to Fix Instagram Reels no Sound: Turn Off Microphone and Camera

To fix Instagram not playing any sound, first you need to close Instagram. On your iPhone settings, find Instagram app, tap to turn off microphone and camera access. Then start the app again, click on the top left camera icon, re-enable camera and mic access, find stories with sound usage volume rocker and it should work in silent mode.

4: Delete and Reinstall the App

It is possible that due to some software/OS error the sound in Instagram stories doesn’t always play. To fix it, you have to uninstall the app and reinstall the app again.

5. Restart Device

Restarting a device can resolve the issue of no sound on Instagram Reels because it gives the phone’s operating system and app a fresh start, which can sometimes clear up any temporary glitches or bugs that may be causing the problem.

No need to stress, a quick restart should do the trick. This’ll give everything a fresh start and make the bug disappear. Just double check your ringer’s on before you restart – try playing a video and see if the volume changes when you hit the volume up button.

6. Update the App

Updating Instagram can solve the problem of no sound on Reels because new versions of the app usually come with bug fixes and improved performance. By updating, you’re getting the latest features and bug fixes, which might include a fix for the no sound issue.

Check for updates in the app store for your operating system (Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and if you see an update available, go ahead and update the app. This can help resolve any glitches or bugs in the current version that might be causing the issue.

7. Clear Cache and Data

Clearing cache and data can help fix the no sound issue on Instagram Reels because cache is a small piece of information stored by the device to access quickly when needed, like opening an app or frequently visited tabs. However, clearing cache can cause temporary bugs or glitches that can disrupt the app’s performance. To resolve this, you can clear the cache and data stored in the app, which will reset the app to its default settings.

Here’s how to clear cache and data on Android:

  1. Hold on to the Instagram app and tap on App info.
  2. Go to Storage and Cache.
  3. Press Clear Cache.

If clearing the cache doesn’t resolve the issue, you can try clearing the data by following the same steps. This will erase all the data, settings, and preferences stored in the app.


It’s a wrap! Those were the methods to fix Instagram reels no sound problem that we hope will come in handy. As it is identified as a bug, mostly refreshing, closing, or updating the Instagram app would be enough.

Or if you have any other reliable methods to resolve the issue, you can share it in the comment section. See ya in the next posts!

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