Valorant Queue Disabled Error: How to Resolve It

valorant queue disabled
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Are you facing a Valorant queue disabled error while trying to enter a match? Well, you’re not alone then. Many Valorant players are experiencing the same issue as well recently. Thus, players can’t enter the matches because the error claimed that “party members aren’t ready”.

According to the Down Detector, at the queue/competitive queue disabled error exists due to three main things. They are 15% login issues, 24% gameplay related, and 60% of server issues. However, Riot hasn’t addressed this error yet. So, we still can’t assure what actually the culprit is.

Thankfully, you can get rid of this issue easily. If fixing errors in Overwatch 2 or Fortnite requires you to do several steps, resolving the Valorant problem will be so much simpler. Here’s what you can do to get back into the matches.

How to Fix Queue Disabled Valorant Error

How to Fix Queue Disabled Valorant Error
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The Valorant queue disabled error usually pops up a few seconds after players queue up for a match. The queue will proceed as normal before turning red and saying “queue is disabled”. To fix this, you just need to restart Valorant.

If the error persists, try restarting your platform and doing a full power cycle which requires players to unplug the PC or Laptop from its power source and then boot back up. Once you’ve done this, you are supposed to be able to log back on and queue into a match without facing the same problem. That’s it.

In case these methods still don’t work, the issues might come from the server end. To make sure about this, stay tuned on the official Valorant Twitter account to see if there’s information regarding the problem. If it happens, then you can’t do anything but wait until Riot has done something to address the problem.


Now that you have known the steps to resolve the Valorant ‘queue disabled’ error, you shouldn’t be worried if the same thing happens to you. Hopefully, this article will be helpful and you can share it with other friends or family members just in case they’re facing the same issue while enjoying Valorant.