5 Free Streaming Software Options To Try in 2023

Choosing the best free streaming software can be tough, especially with so many options promising better performance and easier access.

But, when looking for the right one for you, it’s important to consider what you’ll be streaming, the devices and operating systems you’ll be using, and the supported games and input sources.

Keep in mind that some software may be geared towards gamers, while others offer more general functionality. And make sure to check that the software is truly free, with no hidden costs or subscriptions.

1. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is the staple choice of free streaming software to pick.

This software can be considered the first-ever live-streaming software and remains as one of the most popular and powerful in the market.

One of the reasons for this is because of the highly customizable nature of the app. You can use OBS for whatever your needs, either you stream your gameplay, and music content, or just chat.

Also, this app is highly compatible with any system you had, either it Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Lastly, OBS Studio is also totally free, at zero cost, without any paywall whatsoever in the app.

2. Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS can be considered as one of the OBS Studio alternatives.

Both are built from the same foundation, with Streamlabs OBS mask with a more user-friendly interface.

It has almost similar features to OBS Studio but is complimented with more helpful features for streamers, especially its widgets. Streamlabs OBS has widgets like the viewer counter, chat box, built-in text-to-speech, tip jars, sponsor banners, and more, that can be easily added using the drag-and-drop method!

Another thing is, Streamlabs OBS is also highly compatible and can be used either on desktop and mobile.

This streaming software is free, with some features paywalled behind the premium subscription. But, you don’t need to be worry, since the free version of Streamlabs powerful enough.

3. Xsplit Gamecaster

Xsplit Gamecaster is a free version of the premium Xsplit Broadcaster streaming software.

It has a more streamlined interface and supports streaming to various platforms, but it has limitations in terms of features and resolution.

Some advanced tools like chromakeying, in-game Twitch chat and custom logos are only available with a paid subscription.

Also, your stream will be watermarked if you wanted to stream at the resolution of 720p or above.

It also requires a separate license for commercial use.

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4. Nvidia Shadowplay

Nvidia Shadowplay is a great option for gamers who want to stream their gameplay without affecting performance.

It comes with GeForce graphics cards and encodes in the GPU, making it easy to use. However, it’s not as flexible as OBS Studio, which is better for those looking to create more complex streams.

Shadowplay is great for basic gameplay streaming, but it lacks features like overlays or multi-source scenes.

It’s video recording and screengrab tools are top-notch, but streaming is not its main strength.

5. Twitch Studio

The last from this list of the best free streaming software is Twitch Studio.

As the name implies, Twitch Studio is the app developed by Twitch to help you stream to their platforms.

It has built-in variations of scenes which are the game streaming scene, just chatting scene, and the BRB scene, making it really easy for the newbie streamer who just wanna try streaming.

Other than that, it is tightly integrated with Twitch features so you can easily add activities like Goal, Twitch Alerts, chat box, and many more.

Though it’s totally free and compatible with Windows / Mac, the only lacking this streaming software is it only streams to the Twitch platform.

So, you can consider another option if you wanted to stream to another platform like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

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That’s the list of the best free streaming software available that you can try to start your streaming in 2023. Overall, OBS Studio is the most versatile choice with its highly customizable nature of the app.

But, if you want a simpler approach to streaming, you can try either the Nvidia ShadowPlay or Twitch Studio.

To sum it up, here is the list of the best free streaming software in 2023.

  1. OBS Studio
  2. Streamlabs OBS
  3. Xsplit Gamecaster
  4. Nvidia Shadowplay
  5. Twitch Studio

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