7 Best Streaming Software for Twitch in 2023

In order to create good quality live streaming on Twitch, you need to use a good webcam, headphones/headset, a compatible PC or laptop, and other equipment. But on top of that, you’ll also need the best streaming software for Twitch to help you record the streaming video.

The best software for streaming on Twitch can be measured by its convenience of use, the features, the file size, and of course, it has to be free.

Additionally, there is a lot of streaming software in this world you can find. However, if you’re a beginner, perhaps you’ll get confused about which one’s the best software that can accommodate your needs. Therefore, this article will be useful for you in giving insights about software to go live

The List of The Best Streaming Software for Twitch

Using good software to go live on any platform can improve your performance. Besides, people who decide to watch your content will be satisfied with the show. As a result, you can also engage with them instantly.

Take a look at these streaming software for Twitch, and pick one that suits you best.

1. OBS Studio

OBS Studio 27.0 – Download – Downloader System
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We can’t talk about streaming without mentioning OBS Studio as one of the best streaming software for YouTube and Twitch. This fact is strengthened by the number of people that love to use this application.

This open-source application allows you to record and live stream. Other than that, OBS is also very customizable with plugins and versatile that you can launch in any operating system such as Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Additionally, OBS is friendly enough for the beginner. They can express their creativity using the editing features on it, such as making a seamless transition like a professional.


  • Features various advanced tools to enhance your streaming process
  • Record full screen, webcam, computer sound, microphone, window, and region
  • Produces high-quality video (1080p), and has intuitive audio mixer
  • No time limit, watermark, and ad-free
  • Compatible to stream on Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion, and more
  • Free to use
  • Available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux


  • No built-in video editor
  • Not really friendly for beginners
  • No “pause” function for recording

2. vMix: One Of The Best Streaming Software For Twitch

Live Video Streaming Software | vMix
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Another option of streaming software that’s worth trying is vMix. As the name of the brand, this software provides you with live HD video mixing. Along with this capability, vMix also allows you to capture and transfer your streaming directly to the internet.

vMix comes with five packs, from the basic to the pro paid version. Each version has its capacity of inputs and resolution quality. If you wish to create a higher quality of live streaming, you’d better try the Pro version. However, vMix has suggested you try the 60 days-trial to decide which package suits your need.


  • Full NDI supports
  • Instant replay and video delay support
  • Supports up to 4K resolution
  • Can encode multiple frame synced streams
  • Live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.


  • Available for Windows only
  • Offers pricing plan that starts at $60 for the entry program, and $1200 for the Pro version
  • The user interface requires a fair bit of practice to understand

3. XSplit Broadcaster

Live Streaming & Recording Software | XSplit
Source: XSplit

Going to step to a pro-level on showing your live streaming? Try XSplit. It’s a bit similar to OBS in terms of its customizable feature. But XSplit has more comprehensive and complete regarding its features as a whole.

In case you’re okay with a watermark, the free and limited version will be enough for you. Otherwise, if you want to make an original live streaming video, you’d better upgrade the version with more advanced features.

Aside from that, it’s also capable of allowing you to stream simultaneously to multiple streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch. No wonder XSplit Broadcaster is claimed as the best streaming software for gaming.


  • Allows you to do multiple streaming (YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, etc)
  • Offers 100s of overlay packs
  • Advanced audio mixer for meticulous control each scene
  • User-friendly editing features
  • Features Keyframe transitions and green screen effect
  • Many additional features to enhance streams


  • Leaves a watermark for the free version
  • Slightly more demand on CPU
  • Offers a bit pricey plans ($30 for Vcam Premium version, $100 for Broadcaster Premium, and $115 for Premium bundles)
  • Plug-ins cost extra

4. Streamlabs OBS: Streaming Software For Twitch Free

🕹Beginner's Guide to Streamlabs OBS
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Streamlabs OBS is a combination of two tools, Streamlabs and OBS Studio. This is a great idea because it now can provide you with more advanced features and a better interface. With all the features, it can definitely support you to do editing things, recording, adding sound, or doing other studio options.

On top of all features, Streamlabs is able used freely like OBS Studio. Nevertheless, if you wish to get more advanced features, you can upgrade to Streamlabs Prime.

One thing that most people complain about is how much CPU and memory Streamlabs uses when compared to other streaming software. However, this is worth it if you remember what it can give to you in terms of streaming.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Easy Facebook integration
  • Supports for popular streaming platforms ( YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more)
  • Dynamic themes and overlays.
  • Free to use
  • Supports multiple streaming
  • Available for Windows and MacOS
  • Produces 1920×1080 video resolution


  • Uses more CPU and memory
  • The Mac version is still in Beta

5. LightStream

Lightstream Empowers New Possibilities for Mobile and IRL Streamers
Source: Lightstream

The last but not least software you must try is LightStream. Applying the different concepts to other streaming softwares for Twitch, LightStream is supported with a browser-based and cloud-based idea. This kind of thing is really helpful for those who are always going live using devices without any capture card.

You can also live stream everywhere without having to recreate scenes. Other than that, it’s probably the easiest and the most friendly tool for beginners since it has a very easy setup.

Additionally, LightStream is not only capable of capturing live streaming on PC or mobile, but it’s also compatible with every console including Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and many more. Therefore, you can think that this is the most efficient tool of all.


  • Render live transfer in various resolution (720p30, 720p60, and 1080p30)
  • Less CPU required
  • Compatible for streaming on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and custom.
  • Offers Split/multi-screen
  • Compatible for PC, mobile phone, and consoles
  • User-friendly
  • Supports live chats


  • The Pro version costs $99 each month
  • Recommendes 5MB upload
  • Sometimes it has sound issues

6. Gamecaster

6-twitch streaming software-gamecaster

Gamecaster, which originated as an extension of XSplit, has undergone significant development during its beta phase.

It is ideal for streamers who are looking for a simple and easy-to-use program to start streaming on Twitch, and it also functions as a powerful recording software for those who want to create traditional gaming videos.

The platform features an achievement system and provides all the necessary tools for live streaming. Its user interface allows for easy creation of scenes and importing of multiple sources to tailor the look and feel to the streamer’s genre.

However, one drawback is that it does not allow for uploading of personal branding graphics. Customization is still possible using the built-in variables.


  • Settings are saved in the cloud
  • Low CPU usage
  • Easy to setup
  • Plenty of customization options


  • Hard to upload external overlay packs
  • Some features still in Beta makes it a bit buggy

7. Twitch Studio

7-twitch streaming software-twitch studio

Twitch Studio, which entered beta testing in late 2019, is a built-in streaming software for Twitch users. Its integration with the platform allows for reduced latency compared to other streaming software.

Users can create their own scenes and alerts within the software, though options are currently limited. As the official launch approaches, it is expected that more customization options and graphics will become available.

Twitch Studio is free to use, but it may not have all the features that content creators need to grow their brand on other platforms.


  • Got 3 ready-to-use scenes template which are the game streaming scene, Just Chatting scene, and BRB scene
  • Customizable
  • Tightly integrated into Twitch


  • The app is in Beta
  • Limited options for alerts and overlays


That’s all the best available streaming software options for Twitch in 2023. You can choose whichever you want! From the more advanced and highly customizable like OBS, or the simpler and easier to setup like Twitch Studio.

To sum it up, here is the list of 7 Twitch streaming software that you can try in 2023.

  1. OBS Studio
  2. vMix
  3. XSplit Broadcaster
  4. Streamlabs OBS
  5. LightStream
  6. Gamestream
  7. Twitch Studio

The list of the best streaming software for Twitch will be useful if you decided to start your streaming journey. Additionally, each software has its own plus and minuses. It all depends on the users’ needs though. So, which one do you think is the best?

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