4 Best AI Video Editors to Try in 2022

With the ubiquity of AI technology, it’s no surprise that even our video editors are getting smarter. In fact, there is now a number of AI-powered video editors on the market that can help you create better videos, faster.

If you’re looking for a video editor that can give you a competitive edge, here are the top 5 best AI video editors to try in 2022:

1. Recreate.ai

best ai video editor app

Recreate.ai tool can enrich your recordings video with colors, textual styles, activities, video advances, and inventive overlays. Furthermore, you can make content for any web-based media effortlessly.


  • Helpful elements
  • Free for projects under 3 min/50 MB
  • One of the most straightforward AI Video editors


  • Adds watermark to free projects

2. Eklipse.gg

best free ai video editor

Another AI-powered video editor that is worth trying is Eklipse.gg. This app actually has a more specific use case compared to others, since it’s targeting streamers to help them create more content.

Eklipse.gg is an AI video editor that can automatically create clip or highlights from a stream. Other than that, this app is also completed with online video editor that can resize a video to TikTok format. The app is web-based and available for free! You don’t need to download anything to use it – just visit Eklipse.gg to start trying it out.

FREE AUTO Highlights CLIPPER Software

Eklipse.gg is an AI highlight generator and online video editor that clip your streams automatically and converts them to TikTok easily.


  • Web-based app (don’t need to download any software)
  • Can convert short videos to TikTok format
  • Can automatically create clips from streaming
  • Got many features available for free


  • This tool might have a specific use case for streamers

3. Glia Studio

ai video editor online

GliaStudio by Gliacloud is an AI video editor that is packed with possibilities! They can edit a video with the quality of something you’d watch on the news.

If you want to make videos but don’t want to spend hours creating them, (or pay $1,000 per video), GliaStudio is a great choice for you.

Unfortunately, this AI video editor doesn’t have any free plan, and with only custom plan available to use.


  • Freeform accessible
  • Productive fundamental features like harvest, resize, and change
  • Quick working with cloud-based registering


  • Freeform restricted to 1GB transfer and distributed storage


automatic video editor

AIVO, an AI video proofreader, takes all the tedious work to change content into a narrating video. Furthermore, it improves the work process and has capacities like changing, rethinking, and inserting outlines.

It has a large of free-copyright images from Unsplash and Pixabay, which allows you to have more flexibility to your creation.


  • Free to download
  • Admittance to Shutterstock, Unsplash, and Pixabay
  • Upgraded work process


  • You’ll need to pay around $15 for full version of the app


That’s all the best AI video editor that you can try to use in 2022. Have you tried one of it? Don’t forget to check Eklipse blog from time to time for more software list recommendations!

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