7 Best Apex Legends Video Tools to Enhance Your Gameplay in 2023

Apex Legends has taken the gaming world by storm, and players are constantly looking for ways to enhance their gameplay experience. Whether you’re a content creator, a streamer, or just an avid player looking to up your game, having the right video tools at your disposal can make all the difference.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 7 video tools that can take your Apex Legends experience to the next level.

1. ShadowPlay by NVIDIA

ShadowPlay is a powerful and user-friendly video capture tool designed specifically for gamers. With features like Instant Replay, Record, and Broadcast, ShadowPlay allows you to capture and share your most epic moments in Apex Legends effortlessly.

Main Features:
– Instant Replay
– Record
– Broadcast
– User-friendly interface

Strengths: Easy to use, high-quality recordings
Weaknesses: Limited editing capabilities

2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. It offers advanced features such as scene composition and audio mixing, making it an excellent choice for streamers who want full control over their content.

Main Features:
– Scene composition
– Audio mixing
– Customizable transitions

Strengths: Versatile, customizable settings
Weaknesses: Steeper learning curve for beginners

3. Radeon ReLive by AMD

Radeon ReLive is AMD’s answer to NVIDIA’s ShadowPlay. It provides similar features like instant replay and recording while optimizing performance for AMD hardware users.

Main Features:
– Instant Replay
– Recording
– Performance optimization for AMD GPUs

Strengths: Seamless integration with AMD hardware
Weaknesses: Limited compatibility with non-AMD hardware

4. XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster is a popular choice among streamers due to its intuitive interface and robust streaming capabilities. It offers easy setup and integration with popular streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Main Features:
– Intuitive interface
– Streaming presets
– Webcam support

Strengths: Streamlined setup process, webcam support
Weaknesses: Premium features require a subscription

5. Plays.tv

Plays.tv is a dedicated platform for gamers to record, replay, and share their best gaming moments across various titles including Apex Legends. Its automatic highlight feature makes it effortless to capture your best plays without interrupting your gameplay.

Main Features:
Automatic highlights
– Social sharing
– Cross-title support

Strengths: Effortless highlight capture
Weaknesses: Limited editing options

6. GeForce Experience by NVIDIA

GeForce Experience offers more than just video capturing; it also provides game optimization features alongside its video recording capabilities. This all-in-one solution ensures that your gameplay remains smooth while capturing stunning visuals.

Main Features:
– Game optimization
– In-game overlays
– Video recording

Strengths: All-in-one solution
Weaknesses: Requires NVIDIA GPU

7. Elgato Game Capture HD60 S+

The Elgato Game Capture HD60 S+ is an external capture card that allows you to record high-quality gameplay footage from consoles or PCs with ease. Its low-latency technology ensures that your recordings are as close to real-time as possible.

Main Features:
– External capture card
– Low-latency technology
– Multi-platform support

Strengths: High-quality external capture
Weaknesses: Additional hardware required


In conclusion, having access to the right video tools can significantly enhance your Apex Legends gameplay experience whether you’re creating content or simply looking to improve your skills. Each of these tools offers unique features catering to different needs; it’s important to choose one that aligns with your specific requirements as a gamer or content creator.

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