7 Best Clipping Software for Valorant to Try in 2023

Searching for the perfect clipping software for your Valorant game streams? Look no further! Action-packed games like Valorant are filled with exhilarating moments that deserve to be captured and preserved. These clips can be uploaded to TikTok or other social media platforms, or even compiled into an impressive montage.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a selection of the top clipping software options for Valorant, ensuring you never miss an epic in-game moment again.

1. Eklipse – Best Clipping Software for Valorant

Eklipse is primarily a clipping software. It functions via a powerful AI-based algorithm that automatically generates the highlights of the best gaming moments from your streams. All you need is to connect your Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook account to Eklipse, then the AI will do the rest.

Besides being a clipping software, Eklipse also lets you edit your clips and videos via a beginner-friendly and simple interface. You can edit and trim your videos, compile them, and add filters, themes, sound effects, music, and smooth transitions to them.

While being a free tool, Eklipse now has a premium plan that will SUPERCHARGE the clip-creating process. The premium plan offers you:

  • 1080p HD output, a 10-hour time limit for streaming,
  • Process up to 3 streams/day
  • Priority stream processing
  • Access to all TikTok templates
  • only $11.99 / month

You can get all those features for only $11.99/month. Even better, you can save 40% on premium costs by choosing an annual plan for only $99.99/year!

Go check out eklipse.gg/premium to learn more about that!


  • Makes automatic highlights
  • Converts clips to Tiktok/Reels/Shorts
  • Free to Use
  • High-Resolution clips
  • Editing features
  • Easy Share


  • You need to be creative to unlock its true potential

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2. Gazoom App – Best Clipping Software for Valorant (iOS, Windows, Android)

best clipping software for valorant image shows gazoom
Source: Twitter

Gazoom is a convenient app that is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. The Gazoom app automatically captures your best gaming moments and turns them into clips. It has quite a simple interface that even a beginner can learn to use in no time. Other than that, you can edit your clips by adding GIFs and text or changing the audio.


  • Low impact on PC Performance
  • Free cloud storage
  • Supports many games


  • Launching issues
  • Requires download to work

3. Medal TV

image shows medal tv logo
Source: HGU

Medal TV lets you conveniently record your gaming clips in high-quality on your PC, Mac, or mobile devices. You can easily edit your gaming clips and share them on other platforms with a single click. You can also edit your clips once you have created them. Professionals use Medal TV since it’s one of the best options for game streamers out there.


  • Free to use
  • Clips easily
  • Allows users to socialize
  • Easy Share


  • Lags
  • Clips without sound
  • Paid version is expensive
  • Not Available for iOS

4. Vibby – Best Clipping Software for Valorant Alternative

Best Clipping Software for Valorant Alternative
Source: Vibby.com

With Vibby, you can capture your gaming moments in mere seconds. You can select the videos you want to create highlights for and Vibby will generate the highlights for you. Though, unlike other clip creators on this list, Vibby does not generate clips automatically. You need to paste the link to generate highlights from that particular Valorant video.


  • Makes highlights from URL
  • Compatible with YouTube and more


  • Not dedicated for games
  • Does not make automatic highlights

5. SteelSeries Moments

steelseries moments
Source: SteelSeries Official

Moments from Steelseries is a great clipping tool at your disposal. Using the video clip editor, you can easily record your best gaming moments. The editor provides a fully automated process of clipping an epic moment from your Valorant game stream.


  • Uses hotkeys to clip gameplay
  • In-app clip trimming
  • Easy Share
  • Captions and overlays


  • Extensive system requirements to use
  • Cannot work without OBS
  • Works only with Windows 8.1 or newer

6. EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts has the ability to record your screen, either fully or proportionally depending on the selected region. This clipping software can be considered all-in-one since it has a wide array of features relating to screen recording such as: a built-in video editor, screenshot software, voice recorder, etc.

Though it has a complete feature, the free version has very limited features with the pro version costs you $19.95


  • All-in-one screen recording software
  • Built-in video editor, screenshot software, etc
  • Has the free version


  • Free version can only record the screen for 1-minute duration without any other features mentioned above
  • Pro a bit pricey compared to others on this list

7. ShadowPlay: A Top Choice for Nvidia Users

ShadowPlay by Nvidia is the go-to choice for Valorant players lucky enough to own Nvidia graphics cards. Often pre-installed on Nvidia GPUs, it’s incredibly convenient. 

Its standout feature is its minimal performance impact, making it perfect for competitive gamers who can’t tolerate interruptions. With ShadowPlay, you can confidently record Valorant gameplay without compromising performance. 

Plus, it offers customization options for resolution, bitrate, and frame rate, letting you strike the ideal balance between video quality and file size to meet your needs.


  • Convenient pre-installation on Nvidia graphics cards.
  • Minimal impact on gaming performance, ideal for competitive play.
  • Customization options for resolution, bitrate, and frame rate.


  • Exclusive to Nvidia users, limiting accessibility for other hardware.
  • May not have as extensive feature sets as third-party software.
  • Limited compatibility with non-Nvidia GPUs.


So these are some of the best clipping software for Valorant. You can pick the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Still have not found the best one that suits your use case in this list. You can go check out our other list about this > 5 Best Auto Clipping Software You’ll Need to Try in 2023.

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