Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Gaming

Thinking of getting into YouTube gaming? You’ve probably realized the need to produce high-quality content.

Choosing the best video editing software for YouTube gaming may seem to be a daunting task, but we’re here to make it easy for you!

Spend less time worrying, and more time creating! If you’re doing walkthroughs or live streams, you will need a powerful video editor. Here are our top picks;


You may have heard of Eklipse being THE highlight maker for Twitch streamers. But did you know it has other features as well? Eklipse offers highly advanced video editing capabilities, rivaling any professional video editor.

You can use our A.I tool to clip your streams and extract your best moments, thus giving you the perfect fuel to grow your YouTube Gaming channel!

Curious to try? Try Eklipse for free now and start becoming a viral sensation on social media!

2. Wondershare Filmora  

Filmora offers a free download for your video editing needs, whether on Mac or PC.

With the ability to edit with effects, voiceovers, text overlay as well as all the other editing goodies, you’re in luck. Splice together sections of your walkthrough, insert seamless transitions and make your content go viral! But wouldn’t this be a tad…complex?

Never fear! Filmora boasts an easy-to-use interface that can appeal to both beginners and pros alike!

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3. Kapwing

Source: YouTube

If you’re looking for a quick, free, online video editor, Kapwing is an easy choice!

Featuring an entire suite of tools for cropping, splicing, combining and effects, Kapwing can elevate your simple video into something grand. The best part? It’s free! Of course, you ARE relegated to 720p exports on the free plan, but the paid version is nominal.

The biggest perk Kapwing offers is that you can work on your videos from anywhere due to it being online. As long as you have the source file, you never need to download additional software!

For a detailed review of Kapwing, you can click this link to the article.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Step into the world of video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, a familiar choice for Windows users. It stands out in the Adobe Creative Suite, providing a palette-based interface that ensures your video elements are easily accessible. The recent touch-friendly update allows for precision using tools like light pens and touch-screens.

5. Final Cut Pro X

Regarded as the ultimate video editing tool, Final Cut Pro X is favored by professional content creators. Apple’s creation boasts user-friendly features suitable for both beginners and experts.

With recent updates, it revolutionizes the video crafting process by reimagining the traditional timeline-track panel and optimizing for newer hardware. Simplifying asset management, it offers the option to copy elements seamlessly between projects.

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