Eklipse vs Streamladder: The Fight on Best Free TikTok Converter

Vertical format videos are a thing now, especially after TikTok’s surge rise in popularity.

That’s why most gaming creators nowadays, looking for a tool that can help them create vertical format videos easily.

Since game streamers broadcast their content in horizontal format, we know converting that into vertical TikTok format can takes time.

That’s why there are so-called “TikTok Converter” tools, that can instantly edit your stream into a vertical format that fits the current social media format like in TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or Instagram Reels.

If you are looking for the right TikTok converter to streamline your editing process, you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we’re gonna do a comparison review between the 2 most known TikTok converter tools for the game streamer, Eklipse vs Streamladder!

Without further ado, let’s get ready to rumbleee!!!

Eklipse vs Streamladder: TikTok Converter Battle

So far, Eklipse and Streamladder are the most prominent name in the field of “TikTok converter” tools.

On the Eklipse side, they are more like an all-in-one tool for streamers, since they are equipped with many features other than just TikTok converter.

They have an AI stream highlights clipper and montage maker. Both features can create either short-form or long-form content automatically from your stream.

Learn more about the features

Meanwhile, Streamladder specializes in TikTok converters only. It offers a streamlined user experience that allows you to convert any Twitch clip URL into a vertical format video.

If you are looking for another tools for converting video into vertical format, you can check our other post: Crossclip: TikTok Converter From Streamlabs

So how do these two tools compare? Let’s move to the review!

1. The Landing Page Experience

Both these tools offer you instant access to their TikTok converter from the landing page. Just open Eklipse.gg or Streamladder.com, then you’ll be faced with the tools.

When you’re done opening it, you can just put your Twitch clips URL for easier usability.

Streamladder has a more seamless user journey since you can find any Twitch clip from their site.

On the Eklipse side, you’ll need to find a clip on Twitch first, copy the URL, open Eklipse.gg, then paste the URL on the box.

But, unfortunately, both tools only provide the seamless journey for converting Twitch clips to TikTok vertical format.

If you want to convert video content from another platform (ex: YouTube), you’ll need to download the video first, then upload it to the site from a local drive.

2. The Video Editing Features

Now let’s talk about the “main course” on this.

Actually, Eklipse and Streamladder offer you almost identical TikTok editing features.

On video editing, you choose any layout you want, trim your clip, then add some eye candies; like the text on your video, channel name stickers, and auto-generated captions.

Though the features are identical, the main difference between Eklipse and Streamladder is the price.

As you can see, even the “basic layout” like the Circle Facecam need you to subscribe for $6 per month in Streamladder

Eklipse offers every customization capability for FREE, while Streamlabs set their paywall pretty high.

On Eklipse, you can do almost everything with only a free plan. You have dozen of video templates and layouts to choose from, video trimming capability, and many customizations.

Meanwhile, Streamladder only offers you 4 basic video layouts and video trimming capability if you use the free plan.

Need customization like adding channel name stickers, text, and our auto-generated caption to the video? It is $6 per month for Streamladder.

3. The Exporting Process

On Eklipse, your CPU ease from burden when exporting the video

Exporting process is another part of both tools’ main differentiation; again Streamladder sets their paywall pretty high for the free users.

Eklipse gives you a cloud-based exporting process for your clips on their free plan!

That means you don’t need any of your PC resources when converting a highlight clip into TikTok vertical format.

Streamladder actually can do that, but this time it’s $15 per month.

After you’re done converting, both tools offer you direct-share to any popular social media like TikTok or YouTube Shorts, and option to download your clips.


✅ Experience
Seamless journey converting Twitch clips to TikTok.
Has the ability to choose Twitch clips straightly
Powerful editing capability with 10++ templates for FREE
Streamladder free plan is very limited, only have 4 templates
Video renders on servers, don’t need any PC resource
Renders video on browser, burden your CPU resource

Which one is better? Eklipse or Streamladder? You can see the summary in the comparison table between these tools above.

To sum it up, Eklipse here literally outperformed Streamladder in terms of features.

All the editing and customization are free on Eklipse, while Streamladder set a paywall on that.

Streamladder might have a minor lead to Eklipse in terms of user experience, but again, the limitation on the free plan is too much.

So, with the trade-off here, we think Eklipse is still a better choice for TikTok converter tools than Streamladder.

Plus, they have more AI tools to convert a stream into clips automatically; which can help you save time on the content creation process.