Eklipse vs Vidyo.ai: Which AI Video Editing Tool is Better for Streamers?

In the world of streaming, Eklipse.gg and Vidyo.ai stand out as top contenders for editing tools. Eklipse.gg offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, meanwhile Vidyo.ai harnesses AI technology to automate editing tasks, promising efficiency and consistency. 

While Eklipse.gg emphasizes simplicity and versatility, Vidyo.ai focuses on cutting-edge innovation. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on individual preferences and the specific needs of each streamer. 

In this article, we will review their features, as well as the pros and cons, helping you make an informed decision on which tool aligns best with your content creation goals.

Eklipse vs Vidyo.ai: The Overview

This overview delves into the strengths and unique selling points of each platform, providing streamers with valuable insights to navigate their editing tool selection journey effectively. 


Eklipse and Vidyo.ai are both AI-powered video editing platforms that allow you to make short videos from long ones instantly.

They both support multiple streaming platforms and social media platforms and offer editing features such as captions, music, filters, stickers, and more.

However, they also have some differences in their features. One of which is Vidyo can’t support gaming streams, they only support YouTube videos. While Eklipse specializes in processing clips for gaming streams plus YouTube videos.

About Eklipse

Source: Eklipse

For content creators who love gaming, Eklipse.gg offers a dream solution. Gamers can effortlessly connect their Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook accounts and let Eklipse work its magic. Here are some key features you can enjoy in Eklipse:

Key features:

  • Supports Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Kick as source platforms
  • Support both gaming streams and YouTube talking videos
  • Supports TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more as destination platforms
  • Uses AI to automatically generate highlights from your streams, videos, and podcasts
  • Offers a free online video editor to convert your gaming clips to TikTok and create viral content
  • Allows you to review every game session on the website and choose your favorite clips
  • Lets you save your clips into custom playlists and pin them to be featured in a weekly showcase
  • Enables you to use voice commands to create perfect highlights on stream
  • Allows you to craft your montage by adding clips to a playlist and hitting compile
  • Supports all types of streams, including just chatting, podcasts, sports broadcasts, and other unique broadcasts
  • Supports all types of games, from popular games like COD and Fortnite to niche titles like Phasmophobia


  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of editing features
  • Community support


  • Limited AI integration

About Vidyo.ai

Source: Vidyo.ai

On the other hand, if your video editing needs extend beyond the realm of gaming, Vidyo.ai offers a more versatile toolbox. This platform caters to a broader audience, from YouTubers and podcasters to educators and businesses. Other features include the following:

Key features:

  • Supports YouTube as a source platform (beta version)
  • Supports TikTok, Insta Reels, and YouTube Shorts as destination platforms
  • Uses AI to analyze your videos and automatically generate short clips that capture the most engaging and relevant moments
  • Allows you to preview, edit, and export your clips with just a few clicks
  • Lets you set preferences for platforms, formats, and templates
  • Enables you to post directly to all social media platforms in a single click
  • Provides cutting-edge features such as auto-video captioning, video clipping tools, instant video resizing, and social media templates
  • Works well with talking head segments or split-screen interviews


  • AI-driven automation
  • Smoother editing process
  • Cutting-edge innovation


  • Learning curve
  • Dependency on AI
  • Specific compatibility requirements

Eklipse vs Vidyo.ai: Key Differences

By highlighting the distinct advantages of Eklipse and Vidyo.ai, you can discern which tool aligns best with your specific needs and preferences. To make it clear, take a look at some factors that can differentiate these applications in the table below.

UsersStreamers, gamers, content CreatorsContent creators, social media savvy
SourceKick, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook, YouTubeTikTok, Instagram, YouTube
Export QualityUp to 1080pUp to 1080p
AI-Highlight ClipYesYes
Convert ClipsYesYes
AI Voice CommandYesNo
Stickers and Special EffectsYesYes


Eklipse focuses on gamers and streamers. Works seamlessly with Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook streams, automatically analyzing footage for highlights. Supports a wide range of popular games for optimized clip generation.

On the other hand, Vidyo.ai offers broader compatibility for various video and audio sources. It can also handle pre-recorded videos, podcasts, webinars, and even meetings. However, Vidyo is not specifically developed for gaming content, requiring manual editing for specific highlights.


In terms of pricing, both Eklipse and Vidyo have free plans with limited features. But, if you opt for complete features to make your content more unique, you can choose the paid version.

For Eklipse, you can choose Eklipse Premium for $19.99 per month and unlock higher-quality clips, faster processing, and extended editing options. 

Meanwhile, Vidyo.ai has three monthly packages including Essential for $21, Growth for $25, and Custom for $42 to unlock advanced features like AI-powered transcription and cloud storage.

User Interface

Eklipse.gg offers a streamlined interface designed for gamers. Easy to connect your streaming accounts and browse automatically generated highlights. You can also enjoy intuitive editing tools for adding titles, captions, and adjustments.

On the other hand, Vidyo.ai provides a more general-purpose interface. It may require a learning curve for beginners, as it offers a wider range of editing tools catering to various video content, but it might feel overwhelming for users focused solely on gaming highlights.


In terms of performance, Eklipse.gg boasts cloud-based processing, ensuring swift turnaround times for highlight generation. Leveraging AI specifically trained on gaming content, it provides intelligent clip selection based on action and excitement cues. 

Conversely, Vidyo.ai’s performance can fluctuate depending on the chosen plan and the complexity of the video. While its AI capabilities offer potential efficiency, it may not be as adept at automatically identifying gaming highlights, potentially necessitating more manual editing for desired results.


Eklipse is geared specifically towards the gaming community, gaining popularity among streamers and content creators for its ease of use and focus on generating engaging gaming highlights.

Alternatively, Vidyo.ai caters to a more diverse audience with varied video editing requirements. However, it may not have the same level of brand recognition within the gaming community as Eklipse.


Eklipse.gg and Vidyo.ai are both useful tools for streamers and content creators who want to create and share clips from their long videos. However, you may want to consider one tool to choose based on your preference.

Here we can summarize that Eklipse.gg is more suitable for streamers who want to reach a wider audience, create more engaging and personalized clips, and have more control over their clips. Meanwhile Vidyo.ai is more suitable for content creators who want a simple and fast tool, and who are satisfied with the basic features and functionality of Vidyo.ai.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. But we can say that Eklipse is better in most parts, including its pricing. Just try it for yourself. Sign up for free here to enjoy more features, better quality, and more flexibility.

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