Why you need a Streamladder alternative

In this post, we are going to share a few simple reasons why Streamladder is not as great as it seems. We are also going to tell you why you need a Streamladder alternative if you don’t know it already.

Why Streamladder?

If you are a streamer who is eager to grow on their Twitch and other social media, you may have come across Streamladder. They made converting Twitch clips to Tiktok easier for all the streamers encouraging them to post their clips more.

Streamladder is simple enough for those who have used it, but what if we offer you a better Streamladder alternative? It is Eklipse.gg!

Eklipse a Streamladder Alternative
Source: Eklipse.gg

Here is why:

Streamladder VS Eklipse; a better Streamladder alternative

We will stick to the key features that make Eklipse stand-out while comparing it to Streamladder.

AI Highlights to Tiktok

Streamladder has a simple interface but you will need twitch clips to use it. If you were for some reason unable to clip a moment, you will not be able to convert anything. Anyway, once you got the clips, you can paste the URL of your clips, one by one, and edit a video for Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram.

Eklipse on the other hand makes multiple AI highlight clips for you. All you have to do is connect your account. Eklipse will load up your streams, process them and give you multiple clips. You can pick and choose whichever one you want to edit and voila! Eklipse will convert it to Tiktok/Reels or YouTube Shorts.

Premium Templates

Streamladder offers premium templates with its plus package on the other hand Eklipse premium templates are free to use for now. You can always access five premium templates and get special holiday/event templates too.

Premium Templates from Eklipse
Source: Eklipse.gg

Free Background Music

What is a good tiktok clip without music? Your best moments can now have the perfect beat. Access free background music for your clips without any copyright issues with Eklipse. It is a feature that Streamladder does not offer.

Other features include the free storage option available to the users in Eklipse. You can also use a browser in your Mobile devices to access Eklipse and Convert to TikTok for free, both of these are paid features in case of Streamladder.

Check table 1.1 for a summary:

1.Makes highlight clips for you.Requires trimming Twitch clips before use
2.Premium Templates available for freePaid premium templates
3.Free background music No background music
4.Free Storage (15 days)
(45 days if added to a playlist)
Paid Storage
5.Free to use in Mobile browserPay to use mobile browser
6.Working on a mobile appNo mobile app
Table 1.1

Still have your doubts? We say give Eklipse a shot and see if it is the best streamladder alternative or not. Additional features like stickers and Eklipse mobile app are on their way.


Eklipse is a great streamladder alternative and a complete tool for any streaming enthusiast whether you are a beginner or a pro. Best thing? We are constantly working to make it better for the streamers. You can reach out to us any time and give us your feedback as a creator or user.

Join our discord for more feature requests and community events. Until then, we think you should give Eklipse the well deserved chance and decide for yourself. Check our blog for more relevant content and share this post on your socials if you found it helpful.

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