7 Voice Changers for Twitch You Can Try

Voice changer for Twitch plays a significant role in helping you create more interesting content for your channel. It can turn your voice into anything else which can add hilarious things to enjoy. However, you might need a little bit of time to find the best one.

Don’t worry, though. We have already scoured the internet and listed the most comprehensive voice changer for Twitch you can use without hassle. Let’s get a closer look at them and decide which one is best and suits your purpose. Here we go!

1. iMyFone MagicMic: The Best Voice Changer for Twitch

voice changer for Twitch
Source: iMyFone

Wishing to change your voice while streaming your favorite game? We got you. There is iMyFone MagicMic that allows you to change your voice in real time. In addition, this tool is also capable of changing the voice of audio files.

iMyFone MagicMic offers more than 100 voice effects and 300+ sound effects to help you create more hilarious content for your channel. On top of that, you can actually use this tool on various streaming platforms such as Twitch and Discord, or even popular games, including Fortnite, PUBG, CrossFire, and many more.

2. Clown Fish Voice Changer for Twitch

Twitch  Voice Changer
Source: Clownfish for Skype

Clownfish is another software you should put on this list. Comes with a friendly and intuitive interface, and tons of amazing voice-changing effects, this tool is perfect even if you are not tech-savvy.

The interesting thing about Clownfish, it’s equipped with VST technology so that it can modify your voice in seconds without affecting its quality. So, this could be a great choice to surprise your friends, as well as all your viewers.

Apart from all that, Clownfish is compatible with various apps. You can play this tool during your gaming, live streaming, and even voice chat process. Are you interested to give it a shot?

3. AV Voice Changer Diamond

Source: Revo Uninstaller Pro

If you are looking for a simple yet feature-rich tool to change your voice, AV Voice Changer Diamond may be right for you. It offers you an intuitive interface without unnecessary options so that all beginners can use it with ease.

Aside from modifying sound in real-time, it can also work for your pre-recorded sounds. Don’t worry about having an unnatural voice, because AV Voice Changer Diamond offers advanced customization tools to soften the sound.

4. MorphVOX Junior

Source: Appuals

MorphVOX Junior could be the right option to have a different sound in your content. It’s because this tool offers dozens of in-built sound effects that are available to use with just one hit. The more interesting part of MorphVOX Junior, it also allows you to customize those effects to produce new sounds.

Well, are you ready to play around to create incredible and humorous content on Twitch? Then try this out now!

5. Accusonus Voice Changer

Source: Gearnews

Another voice changer you can try is Accusonus. Accusonus Voice Changer is able to accompany you creating more fun Twitch content for your viewers.

The special thing about this tool is it’s able to apply voice effects on three different aspects of voice character, environment, and device. So this is basically a perfect tool to use.

6. Voicemod: One of The Most Well-Known Voice Changers for Twitch

The next software that shouldn’t be missed out from the list is Voicemod. Voicemod is a popular voice changer tool specifically designed for PC users on Twitch. With its AI technology, it allows you to alter your voice and take on different personas, both fictional and non-fictional. It operates in real time and has a customizable soundboard to enhance your audience’s streaming experience.

Additionally, the Voicemod app has a feature called Voicelab, which enables you to produce a distinct voice. To utilize it on Twitch, you need the Voicemod Bits Twitch extension. This extension is built into Twitch’s panels.

7. Voice.ai

Last but not least, we have Voice.ai. This software provides streamers with a way to revolutionize their Twitch experience. It utilizes advanced deep-learning technology to convert the streamer’s voice into another voice. The app is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. With its large collection of over 15 million voices, you can use the cloning feature to generate a new voice. Additionally, the voice gallery includes a wide range of options such as animations, famous figures, villains, and more.

The app offers a diverse selection of voices to suit users’ needs and keep the audience entertained. However, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the app, complaining about various issues. Unlike Voicemod, Voice.ai doesn’t feature soundboard. Secondly, the app is prone to background noise interference, which can detract from the quality of the user’s voice.


After taking a look at the list of the Twitch voice changer above, which one do you think suits your needs? Share your thoughts through the comment box below and make sure you give it a shot. Happy streaming!

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