Did TikTok Remove Watch History? Find The Fact Here

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“Did TikTok remove watch history feature?”. This is what TikTok users all over the world have recently asked. Yep, most TikTok users are complaining about the missing of this exciting feature through Twitter. It’s quite shocking because TikTok has taken it away all of sudden without any indication.

But what actually happened about it? Has it been really removed? Or is it only a glitch which TikTok is working on it? Let’s get to know more about this issue here.

What Is Actually TikTok Watch History?

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TikTok Watch History is a feature that lets the users save the videos they have watched over the last seven days. Using this feature, TikTok users can re-watch those videos instantly without needing to find them. This is actually an interesting tool for most TikTok users.

Additionally, the users can find the recent watch videos under Settings. You can just go there and your favourite videos are all there. You can re-watch them whenever you want. This tool is really helpful for the users to enjoy their favourite TikTok videos.

Did TikTok Remove Watch History?

TikTok just watched feature not working
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Despite it becoming a favourite feature for the users, however, many TikTok users tweeted their grievances that they can’t access this feature anymore. They don’t even know why as well. Moreover, there is still no clarification from TikTok regarding this issue. No wonder people keep raising their voices on Twitter.

Someone tweeted,” why did TikTok remove watch history grrrrr..”. Meanwhile, others add, “Whoever came up with that watch history on TikTok deserves to get a raise because that s–t is helpful as f–k!”.

Due to the missing of this fantastic feature and the absence of TikTok for explaining this issue, we can assume that TikTok is really taking away the Watch History. None knew it was only for a certain time or forever.

The Alternative Way To Access ‘Watch History’

To all TikTok users, cheer up! We have good news for you! Though the Watch History feature is no longer can be accessed, you can still see your recently watch videos. We’ll give you an alternative way how to see watch history on TikTok without the feature. Check this out!

  • To begin with, open the TikTok app and log in with your active account.
  • Then, go to the Discover page and hit the Search button.
  • Type an arterisk (*) into the form, and press Submit.
  • After that, toggle your filters to only show Watch Videos.
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  • There you have it! You can now rewatch the TikTok videos you’ve accessed in the last seven days.

Other than this way, you can also try another alternative that allows you to access the watched-video recap. Here’s how.

  • Go to your TikTok profile, and hit the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then, select Settings and Privacy.
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  • Find Content & Activity.
  • Under that option, you’ll see Watch history.


So, did TikTok remove watch history? As for this time, we assume yes they really did it since TikTok leaves no details about this. However, it’s okay for us to still hope that TikTok may bring it back. But if it’s not, you can still access your recently-watched- video list through the alternative we mentioned above. Just give it a try.

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