How to Add Captions on TikTok: 3 Options You Can Try

Adding captions to TikTok videos is important because it helps make the videos more accessible to a wider audience.

Captions make it possible for viewers to watch videos without sound, which can be useful in situations where sound is not allowed, noisy environment, and it also helps those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Additionally, captions can help improve the discoverability of videos on the platform, as they provide more context and keywords for the video’s content.

But how do you add captions to your TikTok videos? There is several ways to do it. Keep reading for more information about it

Option 1: Adding Caption Manually on TikTok

option to add caption manually on tiktok

TikTok app has powerful video editing features that allow you to add captions manually. To add a caption manually in TikTok, you can follow this tutorial:

  1. Open TikTok app
  2. Tap (+) button, then record or upload your video
  3. Tap “Aa” icon on the top-right side icon list
  4. Type your caption, choose the font style, text alignment, and color, then tap done

Option 2: How to Automatically Add Captions on TikTok

option to add caption automatically on tiktok

The best part of TikTok app is it allows you to add captions or subtitles automatically to your video. This really helps content creators, especially for the “how-to” types of content.

After you are done recording or editing your content, you can easily do these 2 steps to add captions to your TikTok video.

  1. Open TikTok app
  2. Tap (+) button, then record or upload your video
  3. Tap “Captions” icon on your right side
  4. Choose your language
  5. After a second, your auto-generated caption or subtitle will be ready

The best part of this method is you are allowed to edit the auto-generated captions. So if you feel the captions misinterpret of what you says, you can easily edit it to be more accurate.

Also, you have the freedom to customize the caption style, like the font size, colors, and many more.

Option 3: How to Add Auto-Generated Captions on Your TikTok Content

option to add auto-generated captions on TikTok

Another great feature provided by TikTok app is the auto-generated captions that you can add to the video by only turning on one option.

However, the drawback of this method is the accuracy of the caption.

Assume you are already done editing the video, here are the guide to turning on the auto-caption on your TikTok video:

  1. Open TikTok app
  2. Tap (+) button, record or upload your video, then tap Next
  3. Scroll down a bit, tap More options
  4. Toggle the “Allow auto-generated captions” on
  5. Go back, tap Post
  6. Now you’ll have the auto-generated captions on your video content


Adding captions to your TikTok videos is really easy right? We think that the ability to add captions automatically to your content is the features that all TikTok content creator really loves!

So, what do you think of that feature? Does that really help your content creation process in TikTok?

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