How to Watch Old Twitch Streams? 4 Options You Can Try

Have you ever wanted to watch some of the old Twitch streams?

Just a heads up, Twitch doesn’t keep old broadcasts readily available for everyone to watch.

The only way to catch those old streams is if someone else recorded them, or if they’ve been re-uploaded to a different site like YouTube.

But no worries, we got you covered! Here are 4 options that you can try to watch the old stream on Twitch!

1. Go to The Videos Section on The Streamer Channel

The most essential thing to watch the old Twitch streams is by going to the Videos section of a channel.

To go to that part, you can just search or open a Twitch channel that you wanna watch, then select Videos on their channel.

But keep in mind that their old stream video is only available if the streamers tick the option Store Past Broadcast on.

Also, Twitch only store past broadcast for up to 14 days. But, it can be up to 60 days if they are Twitch Partners or Turbo / Prime users.

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2. Go to The Clips Section on The Channel

The other way to watch the old Twitch streams is by going to the Clips section.

Twitch Clips may not the whole duration of an old Twitch stream. It’s more of a short duration of a selected part of a stream.

The best part about Twitch clips is everyone, even the viewers can make it out of a streamer. Also, Twitch saves clips forever.

So on the Twitch clips, you can see the best part of an old stream, even though it is from let’s say 10 years ago.

You can view Twitch Clips by going to the Videos section on a profile, then click the Filter by dropdown menu, and select Clips.

On the right section, you can see top clips based on the time it clipped either 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, or all time.

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3. Can You Watch the Deleted or Expired Twitch Stream?

Unfortunately, for now, you cannot. If the streamers do not re-upload their content to another platform like YouTube, then it means their streams will vanish after 14 days or 60 days.

So if you are a streamer, and want your past broadcast to last forever, make sure to re-upload it to another platform.

You can download the VOD or clip, then repurpose it for YouTube or TikTok/ Shorts/Reels.

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4. Can you Download an Old Twitch Stream?

The short answer to this is you can. But please keep in mind the rule is the same: you can only download a Twitch stream that is 14 days or 60 days old.

There are many Twitch stream downloaders available on the internet that can help you to do this. One of them is Eklipse!

Eklipse can automatically clip your Twitch stream and the clip can be easily downloaded to your local storage. The app is free, so don’t hesitate to try it!

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So that’s all you need to know about watching an old Twitch stream. Don’t forget to share this post to your friends if you find this helpful!

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