What Is the Best Time To Stream on Twitch in 2022?

best time to stream on twitch gamer setup

best time to stream on twitch gamer setup

Twitch has become a king of streaming platforms recently. No wonder, many people are starting their streaming careers here. But to optimize your engagement, viewers, and even subscribers, you need to know the best time to stream on Twitch.

Determining when people are most likely to tune in is necessary to make your content reach the right audiences. So, this article will tell you what to stream on Twitch to get viewersand also give tips for how you can attract more people during those prime hours. Check this out.

The Best Time To Stream on Twitch

Best Time To Stream on TwitchSource: YouTube

The best time to go live on Twitch is completely different from the best time to post on TikTok and Instagram. If you are a newcomer and trying to grow your channel and catch more viewers, it’s advisedly to stream at 12 AM and 4 AM PST. At this time, some decent viewers will watch your stream, but most importantly you will not be competing against other channels during these hours of broadcasting.

In addition to that, if your channel has got a big name and you want to reach maximum viewership, then the best time to stream on Twitch PST is between 11 AM and 2 PM. At this time, a lot of people are online and your live streaming might appear on their homepage.

The Best Days to Stream on Twitch

When it comes to the best day to go live on Twitch, Saturdays and Sundays are ideal. People mostly have more free time on the weekend. However, you may have to compete with other streamers as well if you decide to stream these days.

Having less energy to compete with other big Twitch channels? No worries, you can try to broadcast on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. According to the data, those are the days with the lowest amount of competition. Hence, you can gain more engagement and viewers without competing with too many channels.

How to Find The Best Time to Stream on Twitch

 best time to stream on twitch on sundaySource: Streamers Playbook

Can’t stream during those days and hours? No worries, because you can still find the best schedule for gaining a bunch of audiences with some tips. Curious about that? Well, let’s take a look at our tips below.

Choose the Ideal Time Zone

If you’re a US streamer, and your audience is primarily situated in the United States of America (or more specifically Washington D.C.), it’s best to stick with US time. It can make it easier to people from across our great nation can tune into watch. Some other times may work better for different countries’ viewership – some choose split their live video feed into two parts while others prefer not do this at all but rather make single continuous broadcasts which both have benefits depending on who watches them.

Instead of doing a single 6-hour stream, they’ll split it into two 3 hour streams during the day. This is an excellent strategy if you’d like to stream to two different audiences, targeting multiple audiences.

Game-Centric Times and Viewer Ratio

Some games have a core audience at certain times of day. This is usually the case for party-based or table tops style games, which tend to have their largest influx in evening hours rather than mornings on Twitch streams. Game-centric times might differ from your usual times of streaming. But they can be effective when playing certain types of games.

To realise, when the most viewers are present on your stream, you can check it manually or third-party tool. Such tools are a must-have for any gamer with Twitch. With the most popular games being streamed on this platform, it helps you aggregate data and sees what people are watching at different times of day or night so that your content can be even more appealing. You’ll also get an insight into which periods during gameplay would work best to maximize viewing potential from both viewers and enthusiasts alike.

Choose Times Based on Events

Achieving milestones is important, but it’s not the only way to show your community that they are appreciated. You can also do events like streaming 24 hours in a row or even just giving out prizes for certain tasks completed with #rewardshotline type of hashtags on Twitter.

Planning ahead for your next gaming event is important. Although you may want to keep it sparse, don’t forget that a community build up and saturation period can really help make an unforgettable experience.

Gain Traction Using Social Media

If you have other social media with a following, such as YouTube or Facebook that your audience may be on already, then it’s possible to leverage the momentum from those platforms. For example, there are “Going Live” posts which can generate hype by telling them what type of content will come next in their stream session while also giving viewers an idea for when they should tune into see how things go down.

We hope this guide helped you find the perfect time to stream on Twitch. Remember that it’s important to choose a time zone based on your audience and find times when there are fewer channels streaming so viewers will pay attention to yours. Keep in mind, too, that what works for one person may not work for another-there is no magic formula here! But these tips should help get you started with finding the best possible schedule.

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