This Is How Eklipse Helps BlackOpsWarBear Grow His Twitch Channel: “It Grows Right with the Video”

Eklipse Success Story

Having an easy, efficient, and feature-rich tool is essential to boost your productivity as a streamer. This is what Eklipse aims for! Today, we’re gonna serve you with some user success stories while using Eklipse as their preferred clip maker.

We do understand that being a streamer means investing time for creating content (especially in the editing process), and playing games (if you are a gamer) to enhance your gaming skills. Of course, it will consume a high amount of time.

But this experience by a Twitch streamer known as @BlackOpsWarBear will definitely open your eyes on how Eklipse can come in handy to let our streamers have sometime to chill and relax while it does the magic. Without any more waiting, let’s read his take on this.

About The Streamer

Eklipse Success Story

Recently, we’ve got the opportunity to have a nice talk with Chris Olivo a.k.a @BlackOpsWarBear, who is a big gamer and PvE Esports Streamer on Twitch.

He’s currently a Twitch Affiliate and focuses on Call of Duty for streaming. However, he also plays other genres sometimes, like RPG, horror, or sports.

He’s basically a growing streamer on Twitch with a lot of work to create content to attract audiences. In order to achieve his dream as a successful streamer, he tried Eklipse to capture the most epic moment of their gameplay. Turned out, he loved it! Continue reading to see his impression of Eklipse.

The Struggles @BlackOpsWarBear Faces As A Streamer

Well, growing a channel is a lot of work to do. Going live is not enough if you don’t create quality content. Other than that, it won’t be easy as well to reach a wider audience without posting the content to other social media. 

According to @BlackOpsWarBear, he is facing a difficult balancing act, as he tries to stream his gameplay while also dedicating time to perfecting the edits before posting them on social media.

You know, both activities are really consuming minutes and hours, making it pretty difficult to keep productive in the limited time.

….when I play Call of Duty Warzone or Modern Warfare, it seizes me to one hour, two hours“.

Due to this circumstance, we can assume that using manual editing software will be so ineffective. That’s why he seems to be so relieved when he found Eklipse. Additionally, he started using Eklipse on March 2022. That’s a pretty long time, though.

How Eklipse Helps @BlackOpsWarBear In Producing Content

You know, it’s so thrilling to hear some positive reactions from our users. According to the interview with our amazing streamer, we can summarize some good points that make him quite satisfied. 

1. Easy To Use

One of the best features we can provide on Eklipse is ease of use. Yep, this tool is undoubtedly designed for both beginners and professional streamers. The first time you go to the website, you’ll figure that it has a very intuitive interface.

@BlackOpsWarBear stated that he loves it when the AI smoothly clips the epic moments of his gameplay in seconds.

2. Increase The Productivity

BlackOpsWarBear admitted that Eklipse is an amazing AI tool, and probably one of the best clip makers he had ever used in his streaming journey. He, BlackOpsWarBear, also expresses his appreciation for the aid Eklipse provided in increasing the amount of content he was able to create from his streams.

It definitely increases my productivity. Just go to the website, download it, and boom! Let’s upload it!

Well, yeah. We are not overclaiming that we are superb – but the fact shows that we are. Eklipse allows users to simply copy-paste the URL link of the video, or import directly from the local device. After that, let the AI handles the rest for you.

What’s more interesting is, now you can save more and more time by using our Premium Edit feature. Head over to our previous article to know more about Eklipse Premium Edit Feature.

3. Precisely Captures The Moment


Hot take on Eklipse from #COD streamer @BlackOpsWarBear at #TwitchCon πŸŽ‰He loves that our AI captures his high kill #Warzone games!🎯 #Warzone2 support soon!βœ… #highlights #clips #twitch #streamer #streaming #gaming #gamer #eklipse #eklipsegg #eklipsehighlight #athenascope #youtube #facebook #howto #fyp #callofduty #warzone #twitchcon2022

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In addition, another thing he likes about Eklipse is its capability of capturing moments precisely and automatically.

It’s extremely awesome! It records everything that you wanted to record. Nothing more, nothing less..If I get really good high-kill games, it records every single kill for the number of seconds that you like it too!


Yes, true. Eklipse always knows what you need and what you’re expecting. Just leave it to us and say bye to manual editing!

4. Rise The Likes Number

Aside from helping streamers to create more content in a shorter time, Eklipse also brings a significant impact on the likes number on social media.

Again, BlackOpsWarBear stated that he got more likes on the video he edited using Eklipse due to the quality of the video. We often witness that a clip video might have two seconds gap in the transition on each part of the video. But Eklipse can provide a clip with very smooth transitions, making it beautifully played on.

Some videos get more likes because it has very smooth transitions. It goes right with the video,” said BlackOpsWarBear.

Streamers’ Feedbacks for Eklipse

We know we have the ability to make a real difference in the content creation process, but there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we value your feedback so highly. It helps us continue to enhance our offering and make it the best it can be. 

When it comes to suggestions, BlackOpsWarBear didn’t say much except about the loading screen. “Sometimes the loading times might take a long time out of his internet connection,” he explained. “But overall…the product is good. Wonderful“.

We do appreciate the feedback from BlackOpsWarBear and all of you guys. So now we are constantly striving to make our tool even more fantastic for streamers. 


We’re so glad that we have got a special chance to talk with the amazing BlackOpsWarBears. From our talk, we can confidently say that Eklipse is quite helpful for streamers, especially when it comes to the editing process.

We will keep developing our tool and system to serve you better. Just keep your eyes on us and don’t miss out on anything about Eklipse!

Don’t forget to visit and watch the @BlackOpsWarBear CoD streaming on Twitch as well, and find some broadcasting tips. See you!