Asmongold Stands Firm with Kick Amid Criticism


Asmongold, a popular Twitch streamer, continues to show unwavering support for Kick, a streaming platform challenging Twitch’s dominance.

Despite facing criticism, Asmongold remains unfazed, stating that he doesn’t care about the negative comments, even considering the potential consequences of Kick’s association with the gambling platform, Stake.

Advocating for Kick

twitch Asmongold
Source: Dot Esports

Despite streaming exclusively on Twitch, Asmongold strongly advocates for Kick and other emerging platforms aiming to disrupt Twitch’s control.

He suggests that new streamers consider Kick over Twitch, as he believes their revenue-sharing model is more favorable for content creators.

Controversy Surrounding Stake

Kick has faced significant backlash due to its connection with the crypto gambling site, Stake. This criticism has intensified following Twitch’s ban on certain gambling content, including Stake, which Asmongold had previously criticized.

Asmongold’s Nonchalant Response to Kick Criticism

During a stream on January 26, Asmongold responded firmly to a comment about the ethics of Kick deals. He stated, “I hate to break it to you, but I don’t have to follow the rules you create. I do what I want and don’t make excuses for it. I’m not here to argue with you.”

Acknowledging the potential consequences, he added, “There are, of course, consequences, and I understand that. But I won’t backtrack on my words or sugarcoat them to avoid offending anyone. I genuinely don’t care. It doesn’t affect me.”

Asmongold reiterated his point when a viewer compared the situation to child labor in sweatshops. He said, “I don’t care—no matter how many times you say it, my answer won’t change.

I don’t need anyone’s approval to do what I want. If people don’t like it…well, too bad. Just remember, it’s not that I don’t care; it’s that I don’t care enough to let it change my path.”

When a viewer expressed concern about being critical of Kick affecting their chances of securing a contract, Asmongold honestly replied, “Yes, you’re right.”

Despite the controversy surrounding Kick and Asmongold’s previous stance on gambling content on Twitch, it’s clear that he has reevaluated the situation and adjusted his perspective. Whether he eventually joins Kick or not is still uncertain.


In conclusion, Asmongold remains resolute in his support for Kick despite criticism. He advocates for emerging platforms, disregards negative comments, and asserts his freedom of choice. The outcome of his association with Kick and its connection to Stake remains uncertain.

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