Cloakzy & Dr. Disrespect Reunite in Kick-YouTube Multi-Stream

Cloakzy has announced the end of his exclusive contract with Twitch, celebrating by reuniting with Dr Disrespect and returning to YouTube, while also venturing over to Kick.

Content creator and professional gamer Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore is best known for streaming himself playing Fortnite and Warzone. He previously made headlines after publicizing his messy split from the FaZe Clan, referring to the contract he signed as “really bad.”

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The streamer was signed by Twitch in an exclusive contract with the platform but has since announced its end as of June 16, 2023.

Now, Cloakzy is celebrating his newfound freedom by reuniting with ‘Dr Disrespect’ and posting new content on Kick and YouTube. On June 22, Cloakzy hosted his first YouTube stream, playing xDefiant with Dr Disrespect and ‘Tim The Tatman’.

Fans expressed their excitement in the comments, supporting the streamer’s move to new platforms and his first stream back with his long-time friends.

“About time…! The heck with the Purple Snakes [sic],” one commenter said, referring to Twitch. Another posted, “I personally can’t stand Twitch, so whenever I get a YouTube notification for a live stream, I’ll be here.”

“A fan commented on the stream, remaining hopeful that Cloakzy might frequent the platform more often, ‘Cloak is going to [YouTube] whether he has exclusivity or not once he realizes the benefits [laughing out loud].'”

However, it seems Cloakzy intends to stick predominantly with Twitch in the immediate future.

“We are mostly going to stream on Twitch. But two or three times a week, we’ll be duo-streaming on KICK and YouTube… Just to play with Doc and create some content. First time ever streaming on YouTube, it was f***in’ lit,” he said in the final moments of his stream.

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