Kick Teases Pokimane with Streamer Ad to Leave Twitch

Pokimane, a famous Twitch personality, becomes the target of a teasing advertisement from the streaming platform Kick. This TikTok ad aims to attract streamers to switch from the Amazon-owned platform.

Since the beginning of 2023, Kick, a streaming platform backed by Stake, has quickly gained prominence as a strong competitor. Several top talents from Twitch have already signed lucrative deals to join this new platform.

Kick vs Twitch

Kick has dealt significant blows to its rival by enticing creators like xQc, Adin Ross, Amouranth, and others with multi-million dollar contracts.

However, it’s important to note that not everyone is convinced by what the site offers. Among the skeptics is Twitch star Pokimane, who, when asked by a fan if she would join the platform for a staggering $10 million, made it clear that she wouldn’t compromise her principles and values for such a move.

Kick Teases Pokimane with Ad to Attract Twitch Users

In the ongoing rivalry between the two platforms, Kick doesn’t hesitate to take jabs at its competitor.

Kick has even gone to the extent of mocking Pokimane for her criticism of the platform and the creators who have signed deals with it.

As per Jake Lucky’s report, Kick is now running ads on TikTok specifically targeting creators and inviting them to “Join The Better Streaming Platform.”

The ad features the popular Beetlejuice ‘I’m just hanging around’ meme on the platform’s directory page, accompanied by the caption, “When Pokimane catches a streamer considering Kick.”

“These Kick Ads are getting out of control. I can’t even browse TikTok in peace,” Jake wrote on Twitter.

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The ad has received tremendous appreciation from Kick’s fans, with many praising the marketing team for their clever idea. “Kick’s marketing team is doing an amazing job,” said one user. Another user commented, “You have to give them credit; it’s quite funny.”

Despite playfully teasing the Twitch star, Kick’s CEO, Ed Craven, revealed that the platform actually wants to collaborate with Pokimane, despite her highly critical stance toward the streaming site.

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