Twitch Partner Plus Program Offers 70/30 Revenue Split

Twitch has recently unveiled an exciting update for content creators, offering them a new and improved revenue share model through their Partner Plus program.

This development aims to address concerns raised by streamers regarding the platform’s revenue split. Let’s delve into the details of this enticing opportunity.

The Evolution of Twitch’s Revenue Share Model

In September of last year, Twitch announced upcoming changes to their revenue share structure.

Previously, streamers enjoyed a 70/30 split, wherein they retained 70% of their earnings up to the first $100,000. However, the revised model reverted to the default 50/50 split beyond this threshold.

These alterations were scheduled to take effect in June 2023, leading to the recent announcement.

Introducing the Partner Plus Program

To compensate for the revised revenue share, Twitch has introduced the Partner Plus program.

Streamers who meet the eligibility criteria will now be entitled to a 70% share of revenue generated from both monthly subscriptions and gift subscriptions. However, it is important to note that the 70/30 breakdown only applies to the first $100,000 earned annually.

Qualification Criteria and Program Duration

To qualify for the Partner Plus program, streamers must maintain a minimum of 350 paid subscribers for three consecutive months. This requirement may pose a challenge for new and emerging streamers who are still in the early stages of their streaming journey.

Once a streamer successfully qualifies for Partner Plus, they will remain enrolled for 12 months, even if their subscriber count falls below the 350 threshold.

Addressing Community Concerns

Twitch’s decision to transition away from the legacy 70/30 revenue share model last year stirred controversy within the streaming community. Creators of all sizes expressed their desire for a revenue breakdown that better reflected their contributions.

Former Twitch president Dan Clancy, now the company’s CEO, acknowledged this sentiment, stating that he envisioned a unified set of terms for all streamers, irrespective of their size.

A Needed Change

While the Partner Plus program offers a welcome change for streamers currently subjected to the 50/50 revenue split, some concerns regarding the platform’s revenue practices remain.

Critics argue that Twitch’s share of the earnings still surpasses what is deemed fair, considering the significant time and effort creators invest in producing captivating content. This update arrives at a time when the community is particularly sensitive to alterations, following the recent backtracking on stringent branded content rules due to widespread backlash.

That backlash also triggered other live-streaming video platforms to take action. For instance, platforms like Kick experienced an increase in sign-ups immediately after the controversy. Meanwhile, YouTube responded by promptly announcing their new Partner Program, which now only requires 500 subscribers for eligibility.

Notification and Launch of the Partner Plus Program

Beginning in July and continuing through September, Twitch will review streamers’ eligibility for the Partner Plus program.

Those who meet the criteria will receive notifications in October, marking the official launch of the new program.

This presents an excellent opportunity for eligible streamers to maximize their revenue potential and further grow their communities.


In conclusion, Twitch’s introduction of the Partner Plus program aims to address the concerns raised by streamers regarding the revenue split.

While it presents a favorable change for many, the ongoing conversation surrounding fair compensation for creators continues. By adapting their revenue share model, Twitch demonstrates their commitment to supporting content creators and cultivating a vibrant streaming environment.

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