Best Clipping Software for gaming in 2022

As new streamers join every day, nearly all seek to expand their reach, improve their editing techniques, and reduce their editing time. Just think about how long it would take to sift through hours and hours of video in search of critical moments.

If you have the right clipping software for gaming, you can sit back and relax while it takes care of everything.

Did you know that there are numerous clipping software for gaming that can save you countless hours of editing time? Now there is no need to worry about editing your videos or playing them back frame by frame to find that perfect moment. Let’s take a look at our options:

Video Proc

VideoProc by Digiarty is Windows and Mac’s game recording program. This lightweight yet sophisticated video processing tool lets you record your computer screen, webcam, and audio while gaming in a window or full-screen mode.

Lags make game recording difficult, but not here. VideoProc lets you establish recording zones, add text annotations, and draw highlights when recording games. This robust game recording tool can record gameplay smoothly and without latency on a less competent PC. is a new video editor. It’s an AI-based video editing tool that helps customers edit videos rapidly. You can modify your videos yourself. converts raw footage with instructions into a quality film for your viewers. It also automates video editing and social media publishing.

Eklipse- Best clipping software for gaming

Best Clipping Software for gaming
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Creating highlights of your best moments without downloading any apps on your device with Eklipse has never been easier. Eklipse is an AI highlight making tool which allows you to create the best highlights.

You can create highlights by simply connecting your social media account with Eklipse. All you need is a Facebook gaming account or YouTube or Twitch to connect. Sign up with Eklipse and get those free highlights now.

Eklipse will not only gives you the best highlights, it has a Tiktok converter that allows you to post directly on Tiktok. It has a weekly montage maker that will give you your weekly best highlights in the form of a very cool montage.

Try Best Clipping Software Now! is an AI highlight generator and video editor that will automatically create highlights from your gameplay. Simply click below and try it.


best clipping software for gaming Shadowplay
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Recording and sharing high-quality game videos, photos, and live broadcasts have never been easier with ShadowPlay! It is manufactured by NVIDIA, which produces some of the best (if not the greatest) graphics processing units available.

You can record your screen in either 4K or 8K resolutions at 30 or 60 frames per second. Because this software is hardware-accelerated, you can operate it in the background without experiencing lags or freezes.

HitPaw Screen Recorder

HitPaw best clipping software
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HitPaw Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use but highly powerful tool for recording gameplay footage. You can learn how to use HitPaw Screen Recorder to record games when you download it.

When recording games, it is possible to simultaneously record the keyboard, your face, and the game. More importantly, if your PC doesn’t have a camera, you can record games to your computer using your iPhone or iPad as a camera.

If you wish to point out something in the recording, you’ll need to record the mouse and the drawing. HitPaw Screen Recorder also has an editor that lets you cut, crop, rotate, modify, and change the speed of the video.

EaseUS RecExperts

Using EaseUS RecExperts, you can capture a specific region, your webcam, or the entire screen. It enables you to record system sounds and your external voice using your microphone, giving you the go-ahead to record games. After you’ve recorded your screen, you may go to the editing panel to add text, effects, arrows, and other cool stuff to spice up your video. 2D/3D games can also be recorded in 4K UHD resolution


We hope you enjoyed reviewing some of the best clipping software with us. Check out this articles for more on software to clip gameplay. Happy Streaming!

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