How Long Can a Reel Be on Instagram to Go Viral?


Ever scrolled through Reels and stumbled upon that one video that suddenly pops up everywhere? You know, the one that flawlessly transitions, has a catchy tune, and just…hypnotizes you into watching until the very end. Yep, that’s the magic of a viral Reel. But amidst the catchy tunes and creative transitions, one question lingers: how long should your Reel actually be to ride the viral wave?

Fear not, fellow content creators! This guide dives deep into the world of Reel lengths and their impact on virality. We’ll explore the sweet spot between grabbing attention and holding it, analyze the pros and cons of different durations, and even sneak in some tips for maximizing your chances of hitting that viral jackpot.

So buckle up, get ready to take some notes, and let’s unlock the secrets of crafting Reels that leave the algorithm speechless (and viewers wanting more)!

Ideal Length for Instagram Videos

Image Credits: Meta Official – how long should a reel be to go viral

Instagram offers various types of videos, each with its own optimal length limits. Understanding these limits is essential for crafting engaging and impactful video content.

Instagram Video Length Limits

  • Instagram Video Posts: These can be up to 60 minutes in length, although shorter, engaging videos are preferred.
  • Instagram Live Videos: The maximum length limit for live videos is 4 hours.
  • Instagram Reels: Reels have a maximum video length of 90 seconds.
  • Instagram Story Videos: Stories can be up to 60 seconds in duration.

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Tips and Hacks for Reels Video Length

how to increase instagram reels time limit

If you find that your existing video content exceeds the recommended length limits for Instagram posts or reels, there are strategies you can utilize to work around these constraints to guarantee a viral reel:

  • For longer videos, consider trimming them using the in-platform editor or creating carousel posts with multiple segments.
  • With the recent changes on Instagram Stories, there appears to be no formal guidance on how many times you can post a 60-second story. Shorter stories are typically more engaging.

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1. Can an Instagram reel be 3 minutes?

Instagram Reels are short-form Instagram videos that can be up to 90 seconds long.

2. Can you post reels longer than 90 seconds?

You cannot make Reels longer than 90 seconds now.


As video content continues to dominate social media platforms like Instagram, understanding and adhering to optimal video lengths is crucial for success. Whether you’re creating engaging posts or compelling reels, keeping your content within the recommended time limits ensures maximum impact and engagement.

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