How to Post on Instagram from PC: 3 Simple Steps

How to post on Instagram from PC? Unlike the old version of Instagram, which was limited to sharing square images from mobile devices, today’s Instagram features the capability to post from a desktop.

However, many people are still unaware of how to post on Instagram from PC. In this guide, we will explore three simple methods for posting on Instagram from your computer and its benefits. Let’s dive in!

How to Post on Instagram from PC Browser (Web Browser)

how to post on Instagram from PC
  1. Log in to Instagram via your web browser.
  2. Click the “+” icon to upload an image. You can either drag and drop the image or select one from your computer.
  3. Adjust image dimensions, apply filters or edits, and click “Next.”
  4. Add tags, captions, specify your location, and include alt text for accessibility.
  5. Click “Share” when you’re ready to post.

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How to Post on Instagram from PC using Creator Studio

For Instagram Business or Creator accounts, Creator Studio by Facebook offers tools for posting, managing, monetizing, and measuring content in both IG and FB. Here’s how to post on Instagram from PC with Creator Studio:

  1. Log in to Creator Studio using your Instagram credentials.
  2. Connect your Instagram account, create a post by clicking “Create Post”.
  3. Specify your caption, hashtags, and users to tag (max 2,200 characters, 30 hashtags and 30 mentions). You can also add location (optional).
  4. Click “Add Content” to add an image from your computer or FB/IG profile.
  5. Choose to publish immediately or schedule it for later.
  6. Click “Publish”

How to Post on Instagram from PC using Sprout Social

You can also post a photo or video to Instagram from PC by using Sprout Social app, here’s how:

  1. Open the Sprout Social calendar app and navigate to “Compose.”
  2. Select the image(s) you wish to post and leverage Sprout’s photo editor for any necessary adjustments.
  3. After selecting the desired account, schedule your first comment, hashtags, and tag up to 20 users.
  4. Choose the publication time: immediate, on a specific day, or let Sprout Queue auto-schedule it.

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The Advantages of Posting to Instagram from a Computer

Posting to Instagram from a PC or Mac can streamline and enhance Instagram management, especially for professional accounts. Here are some compelling reasons why professionals might opt for desktop posting:

  1. Simplify the Publishing Process: Posting an image from a company server to Instagram can be cumbersome. Typically, users have to email the image to themselves, download it on their mobile device, and then upload it to Instagram. Posting directly from a PC eliminates these unnecessary steps.
  2. Enhance Content Quality: Proofreading and editing content on a small smartphone screen can be challenging. Posting from a desktop allows users to review and edit before posting. Additionally, a larger screen facilitates better assessment of how an image will appear, making it easier to identify issues related to aspect ratio or resolution.
  3. Establish a Work-Life Balance: Many Instagram account managers use their personal phones for account management, which can lead to accidental posts on the wrong profile if they forget to switch accounts. Posting from a company laptop or desktop can help prevent such mistakes.

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In conclusion, posting to Instagram from PC can be a game-changer to streamline your Instagram management as gaming content creator. It simplifies the publishing process, enhances content quality, and contributes to a better work-life balance. Let’s try it now!

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