7 Best Video-on-demand Apps You Should Try

If you are a businessman or a streamer, you may have heard about video-on-demand or VOD. VOD is actually a pre-recorded video that can be watched and repeated anytime. It’s totally different from a live streaming video which cannot be viewed again once it ended. And to have it, you need video-on-demand apps to make a good and proper VOD.

There are a lot of free VOD apps that will help you to record the VOD. However, if you don’t want to launch any apps on your device, you can use any online tools with the same function. If you are eager to know the best VOD platforms, we’ll guide you through this article.

YouTube: The Best Of Video-On-Demand Apps

Video-on-demand Apps
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The most recognizable video-on-demand app is nothing else but YouTube. YouTube is integrated with every device now, and no one doesn’t know about it. Therefore, YouTube becomes the ever-popular app that delivers whatever the consumers want.

Being the most well-known VOD platform, YouTube practically has the largest library of videos. It is ever-expanding due to more creators and viewers growing day by day.

The thing about YouTube is whether you’re an individual or a whole business enterprise, you can have massive reach with it.


Media Server Requirements & Specs | Wowza Media Systems
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Wowza is a veteran in this business as it has 15 years track record as a video-on-demand app. Although Wowza has pretty similar features to other, Wowza specializes in giving the utmost support for developers that require VOD services.

It gives you the ever crucial GitHub repositories and SDKs, as well as an API sandbox for trying out and setting up your VOD.

Wowza is definitely perfect to cater for developers that understand how to maximize its sophisticated features. It supports live streaming, recording, live-to-VOD, and automatic VOD uploads. You can also have it easy with their integrated content management that will store and manage your VOD assets on their own.


Create, Upload and Share Videos with Vidyard Free - Vidyard
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Another alternative free VOD platform is Vidyard. Vidyard, like other business-focused platforms, made to help you to grow your business through videos. Vidyard works by offering you plethoras of features that will greatly support the process of creating impactful videos.

Its main feature is the ease of video management. It offers you high-quality streaming as well as fast video uploads with various video extension support. After uploads, you can just share a link for your agencies to view the library.

Additionally, Vidyard also helps you to make video content as well with its recording widget and a simple video editor. You might even need no third party editor with it.

Wistia: One of The Best Video-on-demand Apps

Video-on-demand Apps
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Although not as mainstream as YouTube, Wistia offers its service as a video-on-demand app. It is focused on building your brand through video content. Since it’s focused on marketing your business, it is equipped with sophisticated analytics for viewers’ data to help you reach your target better.

Wistia works by giving you hosting space for videos and letting you post them everywhere you want. It can be on your website’s landing page, emails, and even as a pop-up. They also offer you multiple pricing plans for different needs and even let you try their service for free albeit on limited features.


free VOD Platform
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Compared to other video-on-demand apps, Brightcove comes up with its award-winning, 15 years old track record as a service provider. They offer a very reliable hosting platform and have partnered with big brands. Which means, it can perform on the higher end of the enterprise scale. That said, Brightcove’s features synchronize well when you operate in a big scale business as well.

One of the features they offer you lets you funnel your video content in one channel, basically something like a corporate TV. Another big feature is you can also monetize your content, and even starts your video-based business with it. They deliver 875 million views a week with 99.99% uptime, that’s just how big Brightcove is, you can relax and take it easy on how reliable their hosting services are.

Sprout Video

the best VOD apps
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While other videos demand apps specialized for medium-to-large businesses, Sprout Video is perfect for every business stage. It features player customization that allows you to have custom resolutions, match colours to your brands, and create playlists.

You can also show or hide controls for better immersion, easily embed your video as their embed codes work on platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, and other popular platforms.

Its analytics also offers robust features to get to know your audience better. Sprout Video offers you four plans which give you choice based on their scalability and extra live input delivery you can add.


Which one of the above video-on-demand apps do you think is the best one to use? Each of the apps has its special feature that will help you to have what you need. So you can just pick the best one without any more hesitance from now on. Enjoy!

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