Equipment You Need To Start A YouTube Gaming Channel: A Guide

To begin a YouTube gaming channel, as a beginner in live streaming, you may wonder about the necessary equipment and its cost. Starting and improving a channel requires effort and equipment preparation. Initially, you only need a few basic items, which can be upgraded as your channel grows. This article will help you understand the essential equipment needed. Let’s get started!

What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Youtube Gaming Channel?

Software and hardware are the two main things to put on the first line. They complement each other. You cannot leave one behind if you want to produce a good video that can attract viewers.

So let’s start with the basic hardware first. What’s you need to support you to be a cool game streamer. Check out the list below.

A PC/Laptop, Console, or Mobile Phone

Mobile gaming losses offset by console and PC performance

These are the basic equipment you need to prepare. They are the platforms from which you can embark on your gaming journey. You might be okay with a mobile device if you like games like Mobile Legends or Clash of Clans.

If you are into Dota or Border Line, you can start with PC. But you can choose a console if you play Fortnite or Halo Infinite regularly. There’s not about which one is better, but which platforms where you play most of the time.

High-quality Camera

19 best cameras for live streaming for any budget
Source: Epiphan Video

To do a live stream, you need something to record your game playing moment. Therefore, you need a camera. Make sure that you prepare a camera with good specs. A good visual on your video needs good hardware too.

Having a webcam is enough to start. Webcams have become the best choice owing to their simplicity and wide range of features. I can enable them to support you owing to live streaming. It can record video and audio as well for a certain type.

YouTube Gaming Channel For Beginner:Microphone

Best microphone for streaming, gaming and podcasting in 2021 | The  Independent
Source: The Independent

Watching someone play a game without any back sound is boring. So, to make it more engaging, you need to give a narration or story from yourself. Try to use a microphone to add your own voice. It sounds like a voiceover throughout the video.

In addition to that, you can use this thing to interact with your viewers. So you can build a kind of close relationship with them. Keeping the connection with your audiences is one of the must-do things in terms of growing the channel.

Headphone with a mic

How to pick the right PC gaming headset for you | Windows Central
Source: Windows Central

To make your game streaming more catching and interesting, you can invite other players to play along with you. You can find many games that feature multiplayer such as Dota, and etc.

This stuff is crucial to connect each other in-game. So you can make the best strategy, coordinate, or simply just have a chit-chat related to the game.

Additional Hardware To Support Your Channel

Capture Card – Besides a camera, you need other hardware to record your gaming moment. Particularly if you’re using a console like the PlayStation or Xbox.

Both of them has different setting compared to a PC or mobile phone. It is something you will need to connect between the console, the camera, and a PC.

Usb 3.0 Hdmi Capture Card For Live Stream | Konga Online Shopping
Source: Konga

Ring Light – Take your video making to the next level with a ring light. You can make your video looks better by adding more lighting.

But you don’t have to buy pricey ring light. The cheap ones have already enough to light up the environment. Try it.

Gaming Chair – It’s actually not really a priority, especially when you are just starting your streaming journey. But, it is OK if you want to have it.

A gaming chair is essential for you who will spend the most time playing a game. So you need a comfortable place. Plus, sitting in the gaming chair will make you look cooler on the camera.

YouTube Equipment (Software) You Need To Start Gaming Channel on YouTube

After you prepare all the hardware you might need to start a gaming channel on YouTube, go to the software. This helps you to produce a great video that audiences will love to enjoy.
Without further ado, here is some software to be set up.

Streaming software – You need software to stream the video. The camera is not enough to show your gaming moment on PC. Streaming software could help you in this.

There are many streaming software to try. You can try OBS Studio, one of the best streaming software, or Lightstream. Or you can try online AI-generated software to make excellent highlights on

Find one you think it’s easiest to use. But just keep in note, some of the software needs payment. Just choose the free ones.

Video Editor – In order to make your video more appealing and able to attract viewers, you will need to edit it before posting it to your YouTube channel. You can add some short music, effect, memes, or any item you desire.

Besides, you can also trim unnecessary parts of your game streaming and make it ideal long. So people won’t be boring to watch your video.

You can use Adobe Premiere Pro, Open Shot, or even Wondershare Filmora9 as your preferred video editor.


Now, you have got the clear answer to the ‘What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Youtube Gaming Channel?’ question. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly prepare those kinds of stuff and start recording a nice gaming moment. Don’t forget to put your consistency and creativity too for the best result. Good luck!

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