How to Make a Video for Facebook Using Eklipse

Have you ever wondered how to make a video for Facebook easily? In case you are looking for an answer to that question, we’ve got you covered.

Thankfully, with Eklipse, you can create incredible videos for Facebook seamlessly. No time-consuming, no complicated steps, and you don’t even need to be a master in editing.

On top of that, Eklipse also features various editing tools and templates for TikTok/reel/Shorts clips, and even supports many popular games like Valorant, CoD, Fortnite, and more!

Let’s have a look at the guide below to learn how to make a video on Facebook for free using this amazing clip.

How to Make a Video For Facebook Using Eklipse

Making a video and posting it to a Facebook story is actually simple, especially when you use Eklipse as one of the Facebook video maker tools. Here’s how you can use Eklipse.

  • First, go to or click the following button to start to register and log in to your account.
  • Second, connect your Eklipse account to the streaming platforms you desire.
How to Make a Video for Facebook
  • Then, you can select your streaming video from the Streams tab > All Streams section.
how to make a video on Facebook with pictures and music
  • Pick any short video under the Short Clips section.
how to make a video on Facebook for free
  • After that, click the Convert to TikTok/Reels button underneath the video and select any template.
  • Next up, select your streaming area and trim the length of your video. Then, press Next.
  • Add a music background from the music options and hit Select Music to proceed.
  • Finally, see the edited video on the Edited Clips tab > Convert to TikTok/Reels tab after 5 minutes.
  • Click your converted video, then hit the Download button.

How to Make a Video and Post It on Facebook

Additionally, Eklipse let you share your edited video directly without downloading it. However, if you wish to post it into your Facebook reel, you need to download it from Eklipse first. Then, you can only post a short video through a mobile phone. It’s advisable to operate Eklipse on your mobile and save your video there. Here’s how you can post a Facebook reel.

  • Go to and sign in with your active account.
  • Then, head to the Reels section on the Feed and click Create.
Source: Search Engine Journal
  • Tap the photo icon and select the video clips you are going to post.
  • After that, you can add text, effects, or anything to your reel to look more appealing.
  • Choose the audience of your reel.
Facebook Video Maker
Source: Nerds Chalk
  • Finally, tap Share Reel to publish your video.
Source: Quora


That’s all about how to make a video for Facebook using Eklipse. Anyway, you can definitely edit your Facebook video anytime you want using Eklipse as well. If you find this article helpful, please share it to your friends so that you can help them as well.

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