50+ Best Gaming Songs for Your Highlight Montage (2024)

Get ready to level up your gaming highlight montage with the perfect soundtrack! The right music can elevate your gameplay clips from ordinary to extraordinary, transforming your video into an adrenaline-fueled masterpiece. Whether you’re showcasing your epic Fortnite victory, jaw-dropping Valorant aces, or mind-blowing League of Legends plays, we’ve got the ultimate collection of best gaming songs to set your montage ablaze.

Delve into our extensive library of 50+ best gaming songs 2024, carefully curated to match the intensity and excitement of your gaming exploits. From heart-pounding electronic beats to electrifying rock anthems, we’ve got a genre for every gamer’s taste.

With these incredible songs as your soundtrack, your highlight montage will be sure to impress even the most discerning gamer.

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Best Gaming Songs For Your Highlight Montage (2024)

Here is a list of some fire songs that you should add to your montage to make it even more immersive. Ranging from various genres, make sure you find the ones that resonate with your highlight the most! Good luck!

1. Walk Through Fire – Viceton, MERON

2. Bleed – AXOL

3. Way Back – Vicetone, Cozi Zuehlsdroff

4. Outlaw – It’s Different, Miss Mary

5. Rise Up – TheFatRat

6. The Calling – TheFatRat, Laura Brehm

7. Earthquake – ROY KNOX

8. Make Me Move – Culture Kode, Karra (best gaming songs for healer role)

9. Never Let Go – The Kudu

10. Wicked Ways – Killabyte, Danyka Nadeau

11. Miracle – Kovan, LaCreme

12. MONTERO – Call Me By Your Name (Lil Nas X)

13. Little – Jane Green

14. IT HURTS! – Han Solo

15. Fly Away – TheFatRat, Anjulie

16. Loverboy – A-Wall

17. Kiss Me More (Doja Cat feat. SZA)

18. Juicy – Doja Cat, Tyga

19. Candy Shop – CryJaxx, Junior Charles

20. Deep End – ENDI, Cour

21. Angel With a Shotgun – Ericovich

22. Strings – Tinoma, Acacia

23. Gasoline – Halsey

24. I Don’t Know Why – Kusko

25. I’ll Show You – K/DA

26. Dangerous (feat. Joywave)  – Big Data, Joywave

27. Relove Relax – Wantaways

28. The Business of Emotion (feat. White Sea) – Big Data, White Sea

29. I Want You – Savage Garden


31. Half Age – Weval

32. Pocket Locket – Alaina Castillo

33. Rooftop Paradise – Weval

34. Unglued – Big Data

35. Pretty Savage – BLACKPINK

36. Cookie Jar – Doja Cat

37. The Baddest – K/DA

38. 2055 – Sleepy Hallow

39. MOON WALK – OddKidOut

40. Tick Tock – Young Thug

41. Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

42. Thunder – Imagine Dragons

43. Out of the Game – Weval (best gaming songs for strategy games)

44. Swan Song – Dua Lipa

45. Drop That – Jacob Plant

46. Rose Colored Lenses – Unlike Pluto

47. Rampage (Free Fire Rampage Theme Song) – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

48. I’m Ready – Jaden

49. Legends Never Die – League of Legends, Against the Current

50. Warp Zone – Nitro Fun (best gaming songs EDM)

51. All My Life – Lil Durk, J. Cole

52. Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat
53. TOO MUCH – The Kid LAROI, Jung Kook, Central Cee

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Gaming Montage Music from Eklipse

Did you know that with Eklipse’s new feature, you could add music to your highlight? There are various copyright free music to choose from that surely will enhance the visuals of your highlight!

Whether you are showcasing a triple kill, team wipe or even just a stunning shot, make sure you don’t miss out in making your video stand out with these awesome music recommendations!

1. On & On – Cartoon, Daniel Levi

2. Cradles – Sub Urban

3. DMCA Free Music (Copyright Free) – Bass Boosted City

4. Grey – Razihel

5. GTA 2 – Rarin

6. Far Away – Tokyomane

7. Radiate – Avenza


9. Campfire – RetroVision

10. Hold Me – Alex Martura, Samuel Lewis, Bethia

Tips on Finding the Right Music for Gaming Montages

Music plays a big role in gaming montages. It can either make your video awesome or not so great. So, let’s talk about how to pick the best music for your gaming highlights.

  • Electronic Dance Music (EDM): EDM is great for fast and exciting gaming moments. Artists like TheFatRat and Alan Walker make songs that fit perfectly.
  • Rock Music: If your game is all about action and fighting, rock music with strong guitar and drums can make it even more intense. Think about songs from AC/DC, Metallica, or Linkin Park.
  • Hip-Hop: For games with a city or tough vibe, hip-hop is cool. Songs with heavy beats and strong lyrics can make your video look even cooler. Artists like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay-Z are popular choices.

When you pick music, make sure it matches the feeling in your video. Fast music goes with action scenes, while slower music fits quieter moments. 

Also, think about what your viewers like and what kind of game you’re playing. Good music can make your gaming video unforgettable. So, by picking songs that fit your video’s mood, you can create epic gaming montages that people love to watch again and again.


So, that’s all regarding the best gaming songs for a video montage. Choosing the right song will definitely make your action look even cooler!

Still figuring out how to create the best possible highlight compilation? No worries. You can simply use Eklipse, an advanced AI that is able to record clips automatically and turn it into a video.

With Eklipse, you no longer have to separate your amazing clips manually. Just sit back, keep playing and let Eklipse do everything for you! Moreover, you can also use above songs to add to your video.

So, what are you waiting for? Create the best highlights with Eklipse now!

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