How to Set Up Twitch TTS (Text-to-Speech): An Easy Guide

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Twitch TTS (Text-to-speech) is a software that can turn the written text into spoken text. Most streamers on Twitch often use this piece of software to add more value to their donations. By enabling the Twitch TTS, your viewers know that their message will be read out and noticed through this software on streams. Viewers can ask some questions, or throw a joke at the streamer or request to do something.

This whole thing then encourages the viewers to donate to the streamer without distracting the streamers by looking at their second monitor. However, many streamers have no idea about how to set up the Twitch Text-to-speech. Don’t worry, though. This article is going to give you a simple and easy guide to set up TTS. Here we go.

How to Set Up Twitch TTS in Some Easy Ways

To enable the TTS on Twitch, you will need two kinds of common services, such as Streamlabs or StreamElements. You can access both of the services with simple steps. Let’s check down below.

Steps to set up Twitch TTS using StreamLabs

  • First, sign into StreamLabs.
  • Second, go to Essentials, then click the AlertBox in the sidebar on the left.

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  • Choose donations to attach TTS onto it, but you can choose other options, such as subscriptions or cheers as well.
  • Then, click Open Text to Speech, and adjust minimum donations, spam filters, volume, etc.

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  • After that, copy the widget URL and paste it into your streaming software.
  • Finally, find the best setting for your alert and you’re all set!

Steps to set up Twitch TTS using StreamElements

  • To begin with, sign into StreamElements.
  • Then, go to Streaming Tools and find My Overlays.

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  • Choose your alert overlay, then click Edit.

Alerts EditSource: StreamScheme

  • After that, hit Settings, then go to the gear for whichever alert you want to add TTS to.

SettingsSource: Doc. StreamScheme

  • Most people add the TTS to Tips, Subs, and cheers, or anything you want to.
  • Next up, scroll down and find TTS Settings.

TTS SettingsSource: Doc. StreamScheme

  • Then, check the Enable Text-to-Speech option.

Enable Text to SpeechSource: StreamScheme

  • Select the voice, adjust the volume, or set delays.
  • Copy the overlay URL and paste it in your streaming software as a browser source
  • Explore and find the best setting about your alert you most fit into, and there you have it.

Tips to Enable The Text-to-Speech

If you want to enable the TTS, just do not forget to filter the viewers’ messages or it may be a spam. To do this, you can set a minimum donation to prevent spam or trolling to be $1 or 100 bits.

In addition, you can click Tipping Settings and go to Tip moderation to filter any specific words, such as sensitive information, address, or profanity.


Enabling Twitch TTS may be really simple yet beneficial for you. As a result, you will be able to earn more donations, make more people laugh, and make more clips that you can share. It helps you to develop your channel and interact with the viewers better. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a shot now!

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