Adding and Editing Kick Emotes (2023): Boost Your Chats!

Do you wish to get more engagement during Kick streaming? Now you can elevate your interaction and grow bigger on Kick through Kick Emotes.

Many new streamers are still not aware of the power of Kick Emotes. Let’s see how to add, edit, and boost your chat engagement faster with Emotes here.

How to Enhance Chat Engagement with Kick Emotes

Kick emotes, those tiny yet impactful graphics, hold the key to elevating your chat room dynamics. Each channel has the ability to curate a set of up to 60 special characters, giving you a unique arsenal of visual expressions to enrich conversations.

Besides that, there’s also a set of exclusive emotes that only appear to Kick Affiliate users. These special items, numbering up to 24, cater to your active subscribers across all Kick channels. Only those who have subscribed to your Kick can access this.

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Supported File Types and Specifications for Emotes

Kick supports PNG and GIF files, allowing you to infuse your emotes with vibrant colors and lively animations. Remember, the dimensions should be 500px by 500px, and the file size should stay under 1MB for optimal performance.

Adding and Editing Kick Emotes

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There are 2 methods to add and edit Kick Emotes: for the standard and exclusive packs. To add and edit regular basic pack, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to your Streamer Dashboard.
  2. Click on the “Emotes” section, nested under the Community option.
  3. Discover the [+] icon adjacent to Channel Emotes and click it.
  4. Upload your preferred emote file.
  5. Assign a user-friendly name to the emote for easy access.
  6. Seal the deal by hitting the “Add” button.

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For adding or editing special subscriber emojis for Kick Affiliate, go follow these steps:

  1. Open the Streamer Dashboard.
  2. Within the Community tab, seek out the Emotes section.
  3. Discover the [+] symbol adjacent to Subscriber Emotes and give it a click.
  4. Choose the item that you like.
  5. Give a recognizable name to the emote.
  6. Finalize the process by tapping the “Add” button.

Removing Kick Emotes

What if we want to remove Emotes we no longer like or use? No need to worry, you can easily delete them using these steps:

  1. Open Streamer Dashboard.
  2. Access the Emotes section within the Community menu.
  3. Choose the item you wish to remove.
  4. Eliminate it from your channel by selecting the small x icon.

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We have learned how to add, edit and remove Kick emotes easily. Now you can elevate your chat experience, foster a sense of community, and engage your subscribers better. Good luck!

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