Best Royalty-Free Music for Streaming on Facebook [2023]

If you’re looking for royalty-free intro music for your live streams on Facebook, you need to be cautious about what music you play to avoid demonetization or being banned from the platform. How can you avoid copyright issues? Let’s find out here!

Can You Play Copyrighted Music on Facebook Gaming?

Source: Likemind Media

Unless you have written permission from the music owner, you cannot play copyrighted music on Facebook Gaming or other platforms. It is actually illegal. While streamers used to get away with it for a long time, the music industry has become more aggressive in enforcing costs over the past year, and platforms like Facebook Gaming have taken extra steps to protect themselves.

Although playing music in the background of your streams is important, you need to find royalty-free music that you can play without worrying about losing your channel in the end. This post will discuss some options where you can find music to entertain your audience.

How to Legally Use Copyrighted Music on Facebook

If you genuinely want to use copyrighted music on Facebook, you must go through the legal route. Find out who owns the rights to the music and contact them to figure out how you can use it in your streams. This can potentially be very expensive depending on the music you want to use.

Top Royalty-Free Music for Live Streaming on Facebook

While you can search for individual songs on the internet to create your own playlist, it’s very helpful if you can use a single source to find most of your music. Here are our top 3 recommendations where you can find royalty-free music:

1. Epidemic Sound

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Epidemic Sound offers over 30,000 royalty-free music tracks in various genres. By using their program, you can download each track separately, making it easy to create your unique playlist or use parts of songs for YouTube compilations or highlight reels.

Their affordable personal package includes music for Facebook and several other platforms. The company offers a free 30-day trial, allowing you to see firsthand what the platform has to offer.

Epidemic Sound owns all of their music and adds new tracks every week. The platform works directly with each artist and composer in the long term (although they don’t require exclusivity). Since Epidemic Sound owns the music, you don’t have to worry about copyright strikes or takedowns.

They will make claims on accounts that upload videos without an active subscription, but they won’t make claims on accounts that previously uploaded content while having a subscription. You can easily link your channel to Epidemic Sound to avoid any claims.

2. Comma Music

Comma Music not only allows you to search thousands of songs by genre and style but also offers a student package. You can easily create playlists that you can use on Facebook and other websites during your streams or for traditional content creation.

Their music has been cleared for monetized content, so you don’t have to worry about DMCA claims. They work with top composers, allowing you to get next-level music that you and your community will enjoy in your videos. In fact, their music has been used in many famous brand advertisements or events.

They have several subscription packages available depending on your music goals and where you are in life. Sometimes they offer additional discounts if you agree to subscribe for one year or longer.

3. Artlist

With an Artlist membership, you can safely download unlimited music for your streaming needs. Trusted by many big companies, you can use Artlist’s music on various platforms, including Facebook Gaming and the social sites you use to develop your brand.

Artlist offers three different packages that allow you to access unlimited music while you have a subscription. Artlist will never claim copyright on any content you create while subscribed to their platform. They also upload new music every day, ensuring you always have something fresh to listen to or use on your channel.

With their Music and SFX package, you can download unlimited music and sound effects.


By using reliable sources for royalty-free music streamers can access a wide range of music tracks without worrying about copyright strikes. It’s important to note that playing copyrighted music without permission is illegal on platforms like Facebook Gaming. If streamers wish to use copyrighted music legally, they should seek permission from the music owners and potentially face associated costs.

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