Best Capcut Alternatives for Online Video Editing Free PC, Android, iOS [2024]

Capcut, with its intuitive interface and powerful features, has become a go-to video editing app for creators of all levels. But for those seeking additional options, venturing beyond Capcut’s realm opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Whether you’re a TikTok enthusiast, a budding filmmaker, or simply someone who loves adding a touch of magic to your videos, there’s a perfect Capcut alternative waiting to be discovered. You can use the platforms below for Android, iOS, or even PC for free!

So, grab your phone, channel your inner Spielberg, and get ready to dive into the vibrant world of video editing apps!

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1. Eklipse: Best Short-form Video Clipper

This up-and-coming app is quickly gaining popularity among video editors, particularly those who focus on short-form content. Eklipse offers a sleek and intuitive interface, perfect for quick edits and social media sharing.

Focus: Streamers and Gamers


  • Convert long video into short clips
  • AI-powered highlight generation and auto-tagging
  • Seamless integration with Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook
  • Voice-activated editing commands
  • AI-animated captions, stickers, and emojis
  • Free plan with limited features, Premium plan for advanced features
  • Upload your own video via Local VOD


  • Ideal for gamers with its gamer-centric features and AI highlights
  • Voice-activated editing and playful elements provide a unique experience
  • Free plan makes it accessible for beginners


  • Some features in Premium plan, like longer processing times, might be essential for some

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2. Inshot

This user-friendly app boasts an arsenal of features ideal for social media domination. Trim clips with precision, add trendy transitions, spice things up with text overlays and animated stickers, and create eye-catching intros and outros. InShot’s intuitive interface and vast music library make it easy to whip up engaging content for Instagram, TikTok, and beyond.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive toolbox
  • Music and sound effects library
  • Free with minimal ads


  • Advanced features missing
  • Watermark on free version
  • Limited text manipulation

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Feeling overwhelmed by editing chaos? throws you a digital life preserver. Its intuitive interface guides you through the editing jungle, while AI superpowers like auto-subtitles and smart trimming tame unruly footage. Craft captivating videos, inject vibrant personality with emojis and music, and ensures your creative spark ignites into stunning visuals.


  • Versatile platform caters to diverse creator needs
  • Intuitive interface and AI features make editing easy
  • Free plan offers enough to get started


  • Lacks gamer-centric features like
  • Advanced features locked behind Pro plan

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4. Clipchamp

Social media stardom beckons! Clipchamp is your secret weapon, armed with drag-and-drop simplicity and a treasure trove of social media templates. Whip up engaging content in a flash, choose from a kaleidoscope of stock footage, and let Clipchamp catapult your creations to the top of your viewers’ feeds.


  • Simple and intuitive interface perfect for beginners
  • Social media focus makes it ideal for content creators
  • Free plan offers basic features and assets


  • Lacks AI-powered features like and
  • Some advanced features may not be necessary for all creators

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Teamwork makes the editing dream work, and Klap brings your squad together. Edit in real-time, share feedback seamlessly, and watch your collective vision rise from pixels to polished masterpiece. Klap is the digital campfire where creativity sparks fly, uniting your team to conquer any project.


  • Perfect for teams with its collaborative features and project management tools
  • Screen recording and live streaming options add versatility
  • Free plan offers basic collaboration features


  • Not ideal for solo creators due to the collaborative focus
  • Limited editing tools compared to other options

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Remember, the best Capcut alternative is the one that fits your needs and editing style. Whether you’re a social media whiz, a budding filmmaker, or simply someone who enjoys adding a touch of creativity to your videos, there’s an app out there waiting to unlock your inner editing maestro.

But from the list above, we really think Eklipse is the best one. Eklipse has every feature you can imagine for video editors, gamers or streamers. Sign up now for a free Eklipse account. Experiment, explore, and unleash your inner Spielberg!