Eklipse vs Powder.gg: Choose Your Warrior!

Welcome to another battle session. After witnessing the battles between two amazing AI-based highlight generators, Eklipse-Medal TV and Eklipse-Sizzle, now we’re going to see which one deserves the users’ choice in Eklipse vs Powder.gg.

Well, if you are an old-time streamer, you might love to explore the best clipping software as means of creating content.

A bunch of clip generators is scattered all over the internet. Each of them is competing with the other, showing off their excellent features, making it quite difficult to find the best one.

In today’s article, we’re going to see which one can serve better for the streamers. Let’s break them down, and decide your choice.

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Comparing Eklipse vs Powder.gg Auto Clipping Feature

Just like Eklipse, Powder.gg is basically a clip maker that is powered by AI. It allows you to automatically save iconic highlights such as headshots, victories, multiple-kills, and more from your favorite games. So manual process is not needed both in Eklipse and Powder.

Eklipse vs Powder.gg

Eklipse allows users to create clips from streams only by connecting Eklipse to social media, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Discord. On the other hand, Powder will process your highlight clip after you connect it to your Twitch or YouTube account. Other than that, Powder also lets you connect to your Xbox console and clip the gameplay. However, many users spotted some issues while trying to connect Powder to their consoles.

Eklipse and Powder.gg

Despite that, since they offer the same ease in the clipping process, Eklipse and Powder will get the same score at this point. In addition, speaking of the games, Powder supports twenty-seven games to be instantly captured, while Eklipse currently only supports eighteen popular games. 

But when it comes to editing tools, Eklipse will get more points than Powder since it enables users to not only detect the best scene of the gameplay streams but also put a template, and even add a cool soundtrack to it. Unfortunately, Powder lacks those parts. 

TikTok Converter Feature in Eklipse vs Powder.gg

In order to increase engagement and reach more audience, you’ll need to share your content on other social media. However, some platforms might require you to set up your video to fit with their format, just like on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube Shorts. That’s why sometimes you need to convert your clips into that bite-sized format.

Thankfully, Eklipse can handle this situation since it featured with TikTok clip converter tool. As the name implies, you can turn your stream clips into a short-video format only in a single click. You don’t even need to take a glance at another editing software

Not stopping there, you are also able to make your video look more catchy by adding a template from its huge library and letting the AI process the rest. Just a quick note, it’s all free so you won’t be charged any additional cost.

Eklipse’s template library

On another side, the TikTok clip converter feature is unavailable on Powder. That’s too bad. Alternatively, Powder provides the Split feature to allow users to turn any game clip into a vertical and share it on TikTok which means, it requires a manual process to get it done.

Additionally, Eklipse has a bunch of TikTok template options, while Powder has limited effects to enhance the highlight clips.

Powder.gg versus Eklipse

Eklipse and Powder.gg Montage Maker Feature

Now we talk about the montage maker feature. Since the very first time, Powder has clearly stated that it is able to save highlights from users’ favorite games. But they don’t seem to say about montage. A montage is basically a long-form clip video. It normally has more than 5 minutes.

Aside from saving highlights from gameplay, Powder is more focused on encouraging users to complete in-game quests and get specific freebies as the reward.

In contrast with Powder, Eklipse has the ability to create both short videos and long videos, or as known as a montage. Don’t worry about the result because Eklipse will serve the best quality with accurate highlights.

Download-and-install Process

To be able to use Powder, you’ll need to download and install the app first on your device before you sign up for a new account and start clipping. Well, anything that requires an app download will eventually take up your computer space.

But if you use Eklipse, you don’t even need to worry about it using a CPU or taking space storage since it’s actually 100% web-based software with cloud-based storage. Save your clips as many as you want! Well, another point goes to Eklipse.

Eklipse and Powder.gg Mobile-app Version

Wishing to create highlight clips on the go? Well, luckily Eklipse and Powder got you covered. Both software has made their mobile-app version. However, both mobile-app are still in their development stage. Eklipse mobile version is currently accessible for Android users, while the Powder’s is only available for iOS mobile. 

This current circumstance warrants an additional point for Eklipse and Powder.

Auto-clipping Feature
Easily and accurately create incredible clips

Capable of saving highlights from your favorite games
TikTok Converter
Enables to turn clip into TikTok in a single click, and provides a wide range of template library

Doesn’t feature a TikTok converter, but alternatively allows users to manually turn the clip into a vertical position and add effects
AI Montage Maker
Can create a 3-to-6-minute montage in a couple of clicks, with 80% accuracy

Can only create short-form duration clips from your stream
Download-and-install Process
100% web-based software with cloud-based storage. Requires no download to use

Requires download to use. The app is only available in Steam or Microsoft Store. Might take up computer storage
Mobile-app Version
Currently available for Android

Currently available on iOS mobile


So, according to the comparison between Eklipse vs Powder.gg above, you might find that both tools are great in certain parts. But it seems that Eklipse has more complete and advanced features than Powder.gg.

Well, if you are looking for a tool that can take you through a painless editing process in making incredible clips, Eklipse is your best pick.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free Eklipse account today!