Eklipse vs Powder.gg: Choose Your Warrior!

Seasoned streamers often appreciate the power of dedicated clipping software to streamline content creation. Numerous options populate the digital landscape, each showcasing a dazzling array of features. 

However, navigating this saturated market to find the ideal tool can feel like a daunting task.

Fear not! This article delves into the core functionalities of Eklipse and Powder.gg, equipping you to make an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs.

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Comparing Eklipse vs Powder Auto Clipping Feature

Just like Eklipse, Powder.gg is a clip maker that is powered by AI. It allows you to automatically save iconic highlights such as headshots, victories, multiple-kills, and more from your favorite games. So manual process is not needed both in Eklipse and Powder.

Eklipse vs Powder.gg
Source: Eklipse

Eklipse lets you create clips from streams by connecting them to social media platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Discord.

Powder, on the other hand, processes your highlight clips once you connect them to your Twitch or YouTube account. Additionally, Powder allows you to connect to your Xbox console to clip gameplay directly. However, some users have reported encountering issues while connecting Powder to their consoles.

Eklipse and Powder.gg
Source: Eklipse

Despite this, both Eklipse and Powder offer a similar level of ease when it comes to clipping, so they score equally in this category.  However, when it comes to game support, Powder takes the lead, offering instant capture for twenty-seven games compared to Eklipse’s current support for eighteen popular titles.

The editing scene is where Eklipse truly shines.  It not only detects the best moments in your gameplay streams but also allows you to apply templates and even add a cool soundtrack – features that Powder unfortunately lacks.

TikTok Converter Feature in Eklipse vs Powder

Source: Eklipse

As a content creator, maximizing engagement and reaching a wider audience on platforms like TikTok is crucial. However, resizing your stream clips to fit specific social media formats can be a hassle. 

Here’s where video converters come in, and Eklipse and Powder offer different solutions.

Eklipse: Streamline Your Workflow

Key Features:

  • Auto-magically find your stream’s gold.
  • One-click conversion for viral domination.
  • Pro-designed library for instant clip upgrades.
  • Exclusive TikTok converter tools.
  • Content calendar conquest


  1. Effortless TikTok clip conversion: One click and your stream clip is ready for TikTok.
  2. Eye-catching video creation: A vast library of customizable templates lets you create stunning videos in seconds.
  3. Cost-effective: The free tier gives you a starting point, and premium plans are competitively priced.
  4. Time-saving: No need to switch between editing software – Eklipse handles everything.
  5. AI-powered assistance: Let AI take care of the editing heavy lifting, freeing you up to focus on content creation.


  1. Limited editing in the free tier: More advanced editing options require a premium subscription.
  2. AI might not be perfect: While AI is helpful, it might not always generate edits exactly as you envision.
  3. Limited control over edits: For creators who prefer precise control over every detail, Eklipse’s AI-driven approach might feel restrictive.

Availability: Web-based platform, accessible from any device with a web browser, there is an Eklipse mobile version too.

Pricing: Free tier with basic features. Premium plans offer additional functionalities like custom thumbnails and advanced editing tools starting at $19.99.

Powder: Manual Editing Route

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered clipping
  • “Split” feature for vertical videos
  • Built-in visual effects library
  • One-click montage creation
  • Keyword & chat search


  • Precise editing control: Perfect for creators who like to fine-tune every aspect of their videos.
  • Free tier for experimentation: The free tier lets you try out basic features before committing.
  • Flexibility for different platforms: While not specifically designed for TikTok, the “Split” feature can be used to create vertical videos for various platforms.
  • Lightweight and web-based: Accessible from any device with a web browser, making it convenient for on-the-go editing.
  • Potential for unique edits: Manual editing allows for more creative freedom compared to AI-generated options.


  • Lacks dedicated TikTok converter: Creating vertical videos requires manual splitting.
  • Limited visual effects: The selection of effects might not be as extensive as some dedicated editing software.
  • Time-consuming process: Manually editing clips for TikTok format can be more time-consuming than Eklipse’s one-click approach.

Availability: Web-based platform, accessible from any device with a web browser.

Pricing: Free tier with basic features. Premium plans offer additional functionalities like custom thumbnails and advanced editing tools starting at $19.99.

The Verdict:

Eklipse remains the champion for ease and convenience when it comes to converting content for TikTok. Its one-click approach and library of templates streamline the process significantly. However, for those seeking more granular editing control, Powder.gg offers that flexibility, albeit requiring a manual approach for vertical video creation.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your needs. If you prioritize effortless TikTok video creation, Eklipse is the clear winner. But if you prefer fine-tuning your edits and have more time to invest, Powder.gg might be a better fit.

On another side, the TikTok clip converter feature is unavailable on Powder. That’s too bad. Alternatively, Powder provides the Split feature to allow users to turn any game clip into a vertical and share it on TikTok which means, it requires a manual process to get it done.

Additionally, Eklipse has a bunch of TikTok template options, while Powder has limited effects to enhance the highlight clips.

Eklipse and Powder.gg Montage Maker Feature

Now we talk about the montage maker feature. Since its launch, Powder.gg has clearly stated its ability to save highlights from users’ favorite games. However, it doesn’t seem to advertise montage creation, which is usually a long-form clip video. In addition to saving highlights, Powder.gg focuses on encouraging users to complete in-game quests to earn specific freebies.

In contrast with Powder, Eklipse has the ability to create both short videos and long videos, or as known as a montage. Don’t worry about the result because Eklipse will serve the best quality with accurate highlights.

Download-and-install Process

Do you want to create highlight clips on the go? Well, luckily Eklipse and Powder got you covered. Both software has made their mobile app version. However, both mobile apps are still in their development stage. Eklipse mobile version is currently accessible for Android users, while the Powder’s is only available for iOS mobile. 

This current circumstance warrants an additional point for Eklipse and Powder.

Auto-clipping Feature✅Easily and accurately create incredible clips✅Capable of saving highlights from your favorite games
TikTok Converter✅Enables to turn clip into TikTok in a single click, and provides a wide range of template library❌Doesn’t feature a TikTok converter, but alternatively allows users to manually turn the clip into a vertical position and add effects
AI Montage Maker✅Can create a 3-to-6-minute montage in a couple of clicks, with 80% accuracy❌Can only create short-form duration clips from your stream
Download-and-install Process✅100% web-based software with cloud-based storage. Requires no download to use❌Requires download to use. The app is only available in Steam or Microsoft Store. Might take up computer storage
Mobile-app Version✅Currently available for Android✅Currently available on iOS mobile
Eklipse vs Powder.gg

Final Thoughts

As our comparison between Eklipse and Powder.gg reveals, both tools excel in specific areas. For content creators seeking a streamlined workflow, Eklipse shines. Its built-in AI-powered TikTok converter and extensive library of customizable templates empower you to create eye-catching videos for your audience in mere seconds. 

While Powder.gg offers some editing control and visual effects, it lacks a dedicated TikTok converter and requires manual splitting for vertical videos. This can be time-consuming, especially compared to Eklipse’s one-click approach.Ultimately, the ideal choice hinges on your needs.

Ultimately, the ideal choice hinges on your needs. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free Eklipse account today!

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