Eklipse vs Sizzle: Ultimate Battle of AI Gaming Highlights Generator

Are you a gamer who wants to create and share your best moments with your fans and followers? Do you wish there was an easier way to clip your long videos into short and viral videos? If so, you might be interested in Eklipse vs Sizzle, two of the most popular and powerful AI gaming highlight generators.

If you are a gamer who loves to stream or record your gameplay, you know how important it is to create and share your best moments with your fans and followers. But you also know how time-consuming and tedious it is to watch your entire video and manually edit and clip the highlights. That’s why you need an AI gaming highlights generator that can do the work for you.

In this article, we will compare these two tools and help you decide which one is the best for you for growing your channel as a live streamer.

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1. Why you Need an AI Gaming Highlight Generator in 2023

ai gaming highlight software review

Nowadays, AI has evolved so much that it can help us to be as productive as we want.

AI automatic gaming highlight is a tool that can help a streamer make the highlight automatically while they are streaming. 

Traditionally, you’ll need hours of video editing to create 1-minute highlight content. Thankfully with an AI gaming highlight tool, you can create dozens of short highlight content in seconds!

How good is that! It even sounds like too good to be true!

In this field of AI gaming highlight generators, two apps are constantly battling: Eklipse.gg and Sizzle.gg.

But which one is better? Let’s take a look at this comparison review

2. Comparing Eklipse and Sizzle

 Eklipse Sizzle AI Gaming Highlight Generator

Sizzle is a tool to create gaming highlights automatically for streamers, and that’s it. Currently, it is still in the “open beta” phase, so you might find a bit of hit-or-miss on the clip they created.

Eklipse, on the other hand, is almost like the all-in-one tool to help streamers and general content creators in creating content. Whether you’re a game streamer, video podcaster, motivational speaker, or other types of talking videos, you can use Eklipse!

It has the same automatic gaming highlights generator, but Eklipse is also equipped with a horizontal to vertical TikTok-like video converter and an automatic montage maker for the more long-form style of content.

3. Eklipse vs Sizzle: AI Gaming Highlight Battle

AI Gaming Highlight Generator
✅ Can capture clips from hundreds of games.
✅ The clip has a wide range of choices.
✅ Clip accurately most of the time.
❌ Clip around 70% of a stream.
AI Gaming Highlight Generator
❌Only capture clips from 15 games .
❌Only clip single kill and victory moments .
❌ Some clips are inaccurate.
✅Can clip almost 90% of a stream.
Convert to TikTok
✅Full-feature convert to TikTok.
Convert to TikTok
❌Feature still in beta, has many bugs.
AI Montage Maker
✅Create long-form highlights content once a week.
AI Montage Maker
❌Only capture short-form highlight clips.
Other Features
✅Can capture Twitch Clip for easy convert the clip to TikTok vertical format.
✅Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube integration.
✅Web-based app.
Other Features
❌Can only capture streams from Twitch, don’t have a fully-working convert to TikTok yet.
❌Only Twitter and TikTok integration.
✅Web-based app.
✅YouTube Video Processing❌YouTube Video Processing
✅AI Voice Command❌AI Voice Command

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AI Auto Clipping Feature

AI auto clipping feature is the biggest showdown between both tools.

Both demonstrated that they are a worthy opponent, with a shoulder-to-shoulder capability to capture highlights from the stream automatically.

Let’s start with the quantity of the clips they produce. In this part, we can say that Sizzle won the game. Sizzle can produce hundreds of clips from a 3 to 4-hour stream session.

While Sizzle won on quantity, as a streamer/content creator, we already know that quantity is not everything.

In terms of accuracy, we can say that Eklipse has all of this. Sizzle might produce hundreds of clips, but most of it is a single kill moment.

Eklipse on the other hand, they might only create dozens of clips from up to 12 hours of stream sessions, but they’re able to clip moments accurately

Whether it single kill, double kill, triple kill, or even a victory moment, Eklipse can capture it perfectly! We even have the AI Voice Command feature. You only need to say the magic words, and our AI will clip the moment for yout!

So which one wins on this? We think both are almost on par. 

It depends on your own use case scenario. Sometimes clip quantity is important if you looking to edit it manually later on. 

On the other hand, clip quality would be great if you just wanted to share it straight to social media

Convert to TikTok

Eklipse "Convert to TikTok" Feature
Eklipse “Convert to TikTok” Dashboard

Well … unfortunately the battle between Eklipse vs Sizzle didn’t last long enough.

Sizzle can only survive the first round though, the AI Auto Clipping battle.

Sizzle cannot catch their breath with Eklipse when we go to this round of Convert to TikTok battle.

The convert to TikTok feature on Eklipse is remarkable and feels like an almost obliterated Sizzle on this. 

Eklipse latest feature enable you to add an automatic caption to your vertical format video

Eklipse already has a full-fledged TikTok video editor. It has the ability to edit a file video, Twitch Clips, or AI-generated highlight clips freely to TikTok. 

It has such customization, from a ton of templates to choose from, copyright-free music to add, channel name stickers, and even an auto-caption is available on Eklipse TikTok editor feature.  

Sizzle “Convert to TikTok” interface

On the other hand, we cannot talk a lot about Sizzle’s “Convert to TikTok” features.

Sizzle has its own iteration on this feature differently though. They got the share to TikTok button on each clip with a choice “share it as it is” (horizontal format) or “Post like this” (vertical format).

Not sure if I’m not patient enough, or if this is actually not working since it is 0% all the time

Unfortunately … The “Post like this” didn’t work most of the time. It’s stuck at 0% not moving an inch.

So in this round, Eklipse is definitely a total winner

Auto Montage Maker

In the last round, we’ll talk about the AI montage maker feature

This area was predominantly conquered by Athenascope until they sadly shut down in April 2022. 

Eklipse came as the challenger in this area lately, but Sizzle itself might still prepare itself for this battle.

Like we said before, Sizzle unfortunately only lasts one round in this battle because they also didn’t have any kind of feature regarding the automatic long-form montage style content generator.

So far, Sizzle can only create a short form of gaming highlight clips, around 30sec to 60sec duration, from your stream and that’s it.

Meanwhile, Eklipse has the “Weekly showcase” feature that will make a long-form 1-5 minute length montage style of content automatically from your stream.

To be honest, the AI montage maker itself is not 100% perfect all the time. But the hit-or-miss on this is actually pretty good with around 80% of content made accurately using the Eklipse AI montage maker.

While the first round going hot quickly, it feels like an anti-climax with Eklipse totally defeating Sizzle again in the AI-montage maker area

4. And the Winner Is …

AI Stream Highlight Generator

👍 Though Decision
– Eklipse generates more accurate high-quality clips that can be shared straight to social media
AI Stream Highlight Generator

👍 Though Decision
– Sizzle generates much more clips, up to hundreds to choose from one 3-4 hours stream session
Convert to TikTok

👍 Totally win this
– Easy drag and drop TikTok video editor, many templates to choose and various customization for the video
Convert to TikTok

👎 Features are not yet ready
It has a “Convert to TikTok” feature, but it barely works. It does not load anything when we try it
AI Montage Maker

👍 Totally win this
– Can create a 3-5 minutes long-form montage style of content once a week automatically, even though the content accuracy is still around 80%
AI Montage Maker

👎 Sizzle AI can only create clips (At least for now … ?)
Don’t have any “AI montage maker” feature, can only create short-form 30-60secs duration clips from your stream

So to sum it up, Eklipse wins the battle by the score of 2-1 against Sizzle.

We agree that the AI gaming highlight generator battle was getting hot quickly between these two. 

Eklipse and Sizzle both demonstrated their own “best” version iteration of AI gaming highlight generators. Eklipse with more quality clips generated, while Sizzle with more quantity clips generated. 

But the battle went cold immediately since Eklipse totally defeated Sizzle in both areas: the “Convert to TikTok Feature” and “AI Montage Maker” feature.

5. Eklipse or Sizzle Which Tools Should you Choose?

Our take on this is, that if you need the all-in-one tool to effortlessly create content to help you grow your channel faster, Eklipse is your choice.

Use Eklipse to easily make captivating TikTok/Reels/Shorts video clips from your gaming live streams with just one click. Your viewers will be mesmerized, and you can share the content effortlessly across various platforms.

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