Top 8 Must-Try TikTok Alternatives – Video Editors and Social Media

While TikTok is still unarguably one of the biggest video-based social media platforms, looking for alternatives is still a good option. 

As you know, TikTok been known to have a case about security issues and has even banned in several countries. So you won’t know, what if TikTok disappeared tomorrow?

If that piqued your interest to look up for of TikTok alternatives, check up our list here!

1. Dubsmash

Dubsmash was more like a predecessor to TikTok rather than an alternative, since Dubsmash was actually the original video-editing-based social media platform. Though it is not as hyped as TikTok now, Dubsmash still has more than 100 million installs.

As the name implies, Dubsmash allows you to lip-sync famous movie and TV dialogues. Other than that, you can add stickers and text to the video to make it more engaging. 

Just like TikTok, you can watch other people’s videos in Dubsmash. The app shows videos in categories like “news feed” which shows the video from channels you’re interested in, and  “friends” section which will let you watch videos from people you follow.

2. Likee

Likee is a TikTok alternatives that includes a large library of sounds and music. This app also has a robust selection of filters that give more variation to your video.

It has 2 killer features. First is Music Magic which will apply an effect to videos, depending on changes to music intonation. Second is Face Magic which will let you become an actor in a scene from your favorite movie.

The app is as powerful as TikTok as a video editor that can crop, merge, trim, and share the video to all social media platforms.

3. Triller

Ever imagined an app that can auto-edit your video with just a click of a button? That’s what Triller doing. This video editing app and social media platform will automatically edit your videos. 

That killer features made famous celebrities like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez use Triller regularly to post their videos on major social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. Though it has amazing video editing capabilities, Triller is still in its infancy as a social media platform so you can’t amass an impressive following on the app.

4. Clash

Clash was formerly named Byte. This TikTok alternatives was created by the creator of Vine.

As TikTok alternatives, Clash offers you almost identical features like a news feed page and “following” page that shows videos created by the users you follow.

However, Clash is lacking the video editor feature that TikTok is offering. This app doesn’t have a powerful video editor or any special effects whatsoever. Furthermore, you can only create a video with 6 to 8 seconds duration, which is not enough for the video to be engaging.

5. Funimate

Funimate is a short-form video app that is available on Android or iPhone devices. As TikTok alternatives, this app has many similar features inside.

As a video editing tool, Funimate offers you 20 special video effects that can be added to your content such as loops or slow-motion effects. It also has a hefty amount of music to add to your video. It has lip-sync features, and even has a weekly video challenge and contest inside.

Though it has powerful video editing features, Funimate didn’t have a social media platform inside the app. So perhaps better to say Funimate as a TikTok companion rather than an “alternative” to it.

6. MuStar

If you are looking for a TikTok alternative that has a simpler interface and larger music library, then MuStar might be your answer to that.

MuStar is available on iOS and Android, and the developer dubs it “Lip Sync Short Videos battles”. Like all the apps before, it has video editing features inside the app.

What’s more interesting about MuStar is the gamification inside the app. It has interactive tutorials, a lip-sync battle that you can challenge your friend, or a skill challenge that will give you stars if you succeed in winning it.

But, with only 100k+ downloads on Android alone, MuStar is seemingly not the best choice if you looking to go viral on the internet. But if you are looking for a new challenge in creating lip-sync or dance content, the MuStar is definitely a must-try.

7. Firework

Though Firework can be said TikTok alternative at a certain level, the app has a different market from TikTok since it offers a service to businesses.

Firework will let you do video commerce on your own website. That part is the similarity between the apps since TikTok also let you do video commerce on their platform.

Since it’s a B2B model service, Firework is not available for free and definitely not a social media platform for you to get viral on the internet. But if you are a business and looking to provide video commerce on your site, Firework is surely worth looking for. 


Last, in this list, there is KWAI another TikTok alternative that has many similarities.

KWAI can work as a video editor and social media platform as well. As a video editor, you can apply a unique filter to your video to make it more engaging. 

As a social media platform, it has many features that will help you get more exposure like a stories feature that lasts 48 hours, challenges, and rewards if you succeed in making viral videos.

This app is available both in iOS and Android with more than 300 million users. Unfortunately, the app hasn’t developed much in the past few years, but KWAI still has a strong community.

That’s all the TikTok alternatives to look at if you are feeling adventurous. If you’re starting your journey as a TikToker and aim to produce captivating content, you may require a TikTok editor. No need to stress, you can discover the appropriate software on our list here: 10 Best Video Editors for TikTok in 2023: Elevate Your TikTok Post!

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