How To Edit Duration of Photos On TikTok On Phone

In addition to the short video, TikTok also enables its users to create nice slideshow for another content option. But in order to produce a smooth slideshow that matches the background sound, you’ll need to learn how to edit duration of photos on TikTok on phone.

It usually needs 2.5 seconds for each photo before it slides to the next one. However, if you want to make a longer slideshow, you are still able to adjust the duration of each photo.

Are you still unsure how to do it? No worries. Learn how to make photo slideshow longer on TikTok through this article and don’t let any precious moment of yours slip out of the video. Let’s go!

How To Make Photos To Be a Slideshow on TikTok

The first thing before editing photo duration on TikTok is making the slideshow itself. If you don’t feel like creating it from scratch, templates are always available. So, without further ado, here are the steps to do it.

  • To begin with, open the TikTok app and login with your account.
  • Hit the ‘+’ button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Find the best template that suits you well.
  • Then, tap Select Photos.
Source: Wondershare VidAir
  • Afterward, Pick the photos that you wish to include in the slideshow.
  • Click on the OK button.
Source: Blog Media io
  • Next up, you add effects or stickers if you want before posting it.
  • Tap Next.
Source: Online Help Guide
  • Write a caption or add some hashtags and hit Post.
  • You’re all set!

Alternatively, you are always able to add pictures on a TikTok video without a slideshow if that’s the style you’d prefer.

Making a Slideshow in TikTok and Sync it with Music

Music will always be the strongest form of magic, and it never fails to enchant everyone. So, why don’t you add a soundtrack to your photo slideshow for a better impression? Follow the steps below to create a slideshow with music.

  • Start over by opening the TikTok app on your phone.
  • Tap the ‘+’ button.
  • Then, go to the Upload icon.
Source: Alphr
  • Select any photos you desire to put on a slideshow from your camera roll.
  • Tap Next.
  • After that, tap More at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Tap the preferred sound.
  • Next, go to Adjust Clip > tap Auto-Sync.
how to edit time length of photos on tiktok
  • Hit Done to sync the photos.
  • Tap Next.
  • Add videos or effects if you want to, then hit Next.
  • Write any caption and hashtags before posting it.
  • Lastly, if you are happy with the result, then tap Done.

Both of the methods above allow you to create a masterpiece from some photos you like. The instructions above have helped you to combine music and images into one video. Now, we can move on to the next step

How To Edit Duration of Photos on TikTok on Phone Using Eklipse

It is very simple to change the duration of images on TikTok. Unfortunately, TikTok doesn’t feature the tool that allows you to do this kind of action. However, you can still create cool TikTok videos using this tool.

After previously introducing the TikTok converter feature, Eklipse has now brought another cool feature. It’s a TikTok editor. As the name implies, Eklipse allows you to edit your TikTok video seamlessly. Only by copying your TikTok video link and pasting them into the link bar or drag-drop file from local device, and your video will be magically proceed.

Whenever you’re happy with the result, you can download or share it directly on your social media, such as TikTok, YouTube, or even Facebook. Happen to think about scheduling your post? We got you covered too!

Anyway, Eklipse has currently launched its app version which is perfect for clipping your video on the go! Interested to get a closer look at it? Get it on Google Play Store now!

How To Edit Duration of Photos Using Canva

Kolaborasi & Buat Desain Grafis Keren, Gratis
Source: Canva

In addition to Eklipse, Canva also allows you to edit your TikTok video either on their website or through the app version. But if you prefer to edit your TikTok on the go, it’s best to try the Canva app. Here’s how to use it.

  • Firstly, launch the Canva app on your phone.
  • Open the app and log in with your Facebook or the email account.
  • Next up, find Slideshow to start the design.
How To Edit Duration of Photos On TikTok 1
Source: Doc. Eklipse
  • Browse the slideshow templates by using the search tool.
  • Then, pick the template you want to add to your editing page.
How To Edit Duration of Photos On TikTok 2
Source: Doc. Eklipse
  • Hit the Uploads button, and click Upload Media.
How To Edit Duration of Photos On TikTok 3
Source: Doc. Eklipse
  • After that, choose whichever photos you want to include in your video and wait until it’s fully uploaded to Images.
  • You can also find your uploaded photos in the Images gallery. Just click on the photo.
  • It will then appear on your editing page.
  • Now, adjust the photo size, put some effects or stickers, and more importantly adjust the photo duration.
How To Edit Duration of Photos On TikTok 4
Source: Doc. Eklipse
  • Additionally, add the background music from its library or your gallery by uploading it.
  • Once you have satisfied with the result, tap the Save button.
  • Choose the format before you download it, either MP4 or GIF.
How To Edit Duration of Photos On TikTok 5
Source: Doc. Eklipse
  • Finally, tap the Download button
  • Once it is saved to your gallery, post it on your TikTok account. Now, your audience can enjoy your appealing video.

How To Edit Duration of Photos on TikTok on Phone Using FlexClip

Another way to edit your photo duration is using FlexClip. We’ll jump to the steps about how to use this source to change the photo duration on TikTok.

  • Open the browser and go to
  • Tap Tools, and find Slideshow Maker.
How To Edit Duration of Photos On TikTok 6
Source: Doc. Eklipse
  • After that, browse photos from your gallery.
How To Edit Duration of Photos On TikTok 7
Source: Doc. Eklipse
  • Add as many as you want, then press Next.
  • Now, select the templates from its library.
  • On each photo, click the time icon and adjust the bar to make it appear longer or shorter in a period.
Change the Duration
Source: FlexClip
  • Add transitions, or any other editing features such as music, text, etc.
  • Hit Export.
  • Lastly, upload to the TikTok.


So, that’s all about how to edit duration of photos on TikTok on phone. Don’t forget to share to your social media if you find this article useful. Stay tuned to our blog for more tutorials, reviews, and gaming news. See you!

Besides trimming the photo duration to fit on TikTok video, you’ll also need to adjust the sound. Learn how to do it through our article: How To Trim Sounds On TikTok Easily.

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