How To Join Someone’s Live on TikTok in Two Easy Methods

Did you know that when you’re going live on TikTok, you can also invite someone else to join your Live? TikTok even allows you to join other users’ Live. But how to join someone’s live on Tiktok? Are there any requirements you’ll need to fulfill?

Well, calm down, pals. We’re going to break down some things that are worth keeping in mind before asking for taking part in someone’s broadcast, along with how to proceed. Let’s quickly check out our article.

Things That Are Worth Noting to Join Someone’s TikTok Live

Taking a part in someone’s broadcast at the wrong time is inappropriate. So before asking someone to let you join their Live session on TikTok, make sure that they are not performing something.

In addition, you should also be aware of your relationship with someone whose Live you wish to join. If they think you aren’t really relevant for their broadcast or simply they don’t really know you, they may not accept the request.

Keep in mind that request acceptance (or Live invitation) is the key to joining someone’s Live. So make sure you got it for your entrance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to perform together.

How to Join Someone’s Live on TikTok By Sending a Request

To participate in someone’s broadcast is not always need an invitation. You can send a request instead. Thankfully, the steps are pretty straightforward. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the TikTok app .
  2. Once in, click on the plus ‘+’ button and locate the Live option (find it on the top left of the screen).
How to Join Someone's Live on TikTok
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  1. Find the stream you want to join.
  2. Hit the pink-blue cross circles in the comment section.
how to join someone's live on tiktok 2022
  1. Send a request and wait to get accepted. 

If you got accepted to join the Live, the screen will split into two sections and there will be a notification that a TikTok user will join the Live video shortly.

How to Join Someone’s Live on TikTok Through an Invitation

Alternatively, you can also join other users’ Live videos if they request you to. Don’t worry, TikTok will send you a notification if someone has sent you an invitation to join their broadcast video.

Otherwise, you can also invite other users to participate in your Live video while you are broadcasting. Here’s how.

  1. Launch the TikTok app and sign in to your account.
  2. Hit the plus ‘+’ button to open the new project.
how to join someone's live on tiktok as a guest
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  1. Select the LIVE option under the recording button.
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  1. As soon as your Live stream screen opens, hit the pink-blue-cross circle icon named Co-host.
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  1. You’ll see a list of suggested users with an Invite button next to them.
how to join live on tiktok with camera
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  1. Hit the button next to anyone you’re going to request to join your Live.
  2. Wait 20 seconds until they accept or reject your invitation.

One quick note, you need to meet certain requirements before you can access the TikTok Live feature. Check out our previous article for more information about that.


Now you have learned how to join someone’s live on TikTok. You also got information about how to go live on tiktok and got an amazing tool to edit your livestream. Check it out now and happy streaming!

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