How to Stream to TikTok from OBS: a Complete Guide

TikTok latest feature allows creators to live-stream on it. If you wanted to stream to TikTok using a PC, you can try using Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS for short.

So if you’re asking how to stream to TikTok from OBS? You should check out this guide from Eklipse blog team! Without further ado, let’s begin.

What is OBS?

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OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is a cross-platform screencasting and streaming app that is available for free. OBS offers feature-rich software and with many benefits of streaming.

For instance, you can add overlays of live recordings coming from the camera, live comments, and other elements on a single screen. Streaming from OBS makes everything much easier to manage.

You can easily navigate the OBS software using various hotkeys. OBS is a convenient way to stream on popular streaming platforms such as Twitch and Facebook gaming.

Popular streamers and content creators from all over the world are already using OBS for managing their streams. As a TikTok content creator, OBS will make streaming easier for you too.

Why stream on TikTok?

When we talk about streaming, platforms such as Twitch and Facebook gaming come to mind. But many people don’t talk about the benefits of streaming on TikTok.

Just like YouTube, you can start a Livestream on TikTok. This has multiple benefits, you can interact with your audience online and connect with them.

Another great benefit is content production. Every video on TikTok has a 60-second time limit. However, when you stream, you are not bound by such limitations.

That’s why you can use this extra time to talk about topics that warrant more discussion. Streaming every once in a while will be great for your TikTok account’s success and growth.

How to stream to TikTok from OBS?

If you need the TL;DR, you can stream to TikTok by following 3 easy steps.

First, you’ll need to install OBS on your PC. Second, prepare your OBS for streaming. Third, generate a stream key from TikTok then copy it to OBS.

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For a more detailed guide, you can keep going with the reading.

Step 1: Setting up an OBS account for TikTok streaming

Follow these steps to start streaming on TikTok from your OBS setup:

Source: OBS
  1. Download OBS – Go to the official OBS site and download the version you want. You can choose from the Windows version, macOS version, and Linux version. Select the platform you currently own.
  2. Install OBS – After finishing the file download, you can proceed to install it on your device.
  3. Launch OBS – Once you have gone through the OBS installation process, you can launch the software. Now it’s time to connect your OBS with TikTok.

Step 2: Connecting OBS with your TikTok account

To begin streaming with OBS for your TikTok account, you will need to generate an RTMP URL for the TikTok stream as well as a streaming key. It goes without saying that you should never share your RTMP and streaming key with anyone else. The RTMP key and the streaming key will let OBS broadcast your stream over TikTok.

Follow these steps to connect your OBS software with your TikTok account:

  1. Launch OBS.

    Open the software to begin your setup.

  2. Configure your stream.

    You’ll have to add your stream’s video and audio sources through the main interface. After that, it can be customized in whichever way you prefer, like adding overlays for example.

  3. Go to settings.

    To start streaming on TikTok using OBS, you’ll need to go to Settings > find a section for Stream > select Custom Streaming Server.

  4. Insert your Stream Key.

    Now, enter your RTMP key and Streaming Key into the placeholders. After you’re done, save the changes by clicking OK button.

    To start streaming on TikTok using OBS you’ll need to go back to the main interface > click Start Streaming at the bottom-right of OBS interface.

Step 3: Generating the RTMP and Stream Key

If you are wondering where you’ll find the keys, then don’t worry. Generating the required keys is very easy. Here’s how you can do that:  

  1. Launch your TikTok app and tap the “+” icon at the bottom.
  2. Now click the Live button.
  3. Select Cast to PC. This will generate the required keys.

And you’re all done! You can now start streaming on TikTok with your OBS software.

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So that’s how to stream to TikTok from OBS. Just download the required version of the app for your device and install it. After that, setting up the account and generating the required keys is very easy.  

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