Tiktok profile views feature incites privacy debate

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Tiktok profile views feature is coming back! Yes, you heard it right. According to some users and sources, we heard that TikTok is testing and potentially bringing back the Tiktok profile views feature.

What is Tiktok profile views feature?

Well, this feature was once available during the app’s early days in 2016. It allows users to see how many people viewed their profile in a 30-day period. Since the launch of TikTok got shade for many privacy concerns within the app, but now the platform is starting to change some of its policies to reflect on them.

Reports of the feature’s supposed return incited a debate within the app’s users community. Many users raised their concerns about potential privacy issues and much more. Look at this tweet from January 2022 for example,

Tiktok profile views reaction

People seem to be very unhappy about this uncalled for feature come back. This tiktok user took to her profile and shared a video telling how scared she is using a popular sound. @Caailyn shared this video on tiktok on 18th Feb, 2022 and the video blew up with a total of 2.1M views and more than 200k likes.


The debate got more and more heated as @caailyn shared another video replying to a fan comment. This video has more than 3M views now. The video’s creator also uploaded a separate video stating that the feature could be disabled, leading to further concern that then they wouldn’t be able to track who viewed their profile either.

Some comments under the videos were:

“I will never harass anyone again, I’m not kidding,” one user wrote in reaction to the video.

“No. I am completely serious when I say that I will stop using this app if this feature returns to all of us,”


While TikTok will continue to be one of the most popular social media apps, users are likely to continue to question the platform’s privacy. Because with fame comes great responsibility. Now we just wait to see that how tiktok will react to these privacy concerns and whether or not the tiktok profile views feature is coming back.

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