RiceGum Moves to Rumble, Rejecting Kick Deals

In a surprising twist, RiceGum has officially switched to the Rumble platform, leaving his fans amazed after hinting at a major change on July 4.

This unexpected decision caught many off guard, as there were speculations about him joining Kick. However, RiceGum opted for Rumble, highlighting its competitive advantages and his growth aspirations.

RiceGum Expands to Twitch

Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le, known for his captivating YouTube content, has recently ventured into streaming on Twitch, gaining an impressive following of over one million fans. This expansion across multiple platforms demonstrates his commitment to engaging with a wider audience.

Teasing a Platform Switch

On July 4, RiceGum sparked anticipation among his supporters by sharing a mysterious image. The picture showed him examining hats adorned with logos from various streaming sites, leaving fans curious about the upcoming change.

RiceGum Chooses Rumble: Embarking on a New Chapter

To the surprise of many, RiceGum announced on July 5 that he had officially signed with Rumble. This partnership involves creating exclusive content for a set number of hours each month. The move solidifies his dedication to providing exceptional entertainment and signifies a fresh start for his online presence.

The Lucrative Deal and Reasoning Behind the Decision

When asked about choosing Rumble over Kick, RiceGum revealed that the former offered a more favorable deal.

Financial incentives played a significant role in his decision, as Rumble’s offer provided greater monetary compensation. In contrast, Kick required him to engage in gambling activities for a month to maximize his earnings.

Expressing his excitement for the new venture, RiceGum shared,

“The Rumble deal looked better. I could stream there, but to make the most possible on Kick, they wanted me to gamble for 30 days.”

Clearly, he found joining Rumble more appealing, emphasizing their impressive financial support and growth opportunities.

“I’m just excited to focus again. This is exciting for me, in my opinion. Rumble had the financial backing, bro. I didn’t realize Rumble had that kind of financial support.”

A Growing Trend: Creators Flocking to Rumble

RiceGum joins the ranks of other influential creators who have made the switch to Rumble. Earlier this year, both Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed moved to the platform, where they secured their own shows. This migration of talented content creators highlights Rumble’s increasing popularity and allure within the streaming community.


In conclusion, RiceGum’s decision to join Rumble marks a significant milestone in his career, showcasing his adaptability and ambition.

With his large following and commitment to creating engaging content, his move has the potential to reshape the streaming landscape. As Rumble continues to attract prominent creators, it solidifies its position as a rising force in the world of online streaming.

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