How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights Effectively

Instagram Stories are a great tool for engaging your audience on Instagram. But with Stories only lasting 24 hours, it can feel like a lot of work for content that disappears quickly. That’s where Instagram Stories Highlights come in.

Highlights allow you to categorize and save your Stories on your profile so followers can still view and interact with them after the initial 24 hours. Now we will see how to use Instagram Stories Highlights effectively. Let’s dive in!

What are Instagram Stories Highlights?

instagram stories highlights

Stories Highlights are categorized Stories saved to a user’s profile, accessible beyond the 24-hour time limit. By saving Stories into different highlight categories, viewers can access the specific content they’re interested in. This extends the life of a Story and keeps collecting views, clicks, and replies beyond the initial expiration date.

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How to Create Instagram Stories Highlights

Creating your own Highlights is simple. First, consider the different types of content you share on your Stories. You can break them down into different sections, such as behind-the-scenes, meet the team, reviews, live videos, events, etc.

Once you’ve determined your highlight categories, go to your profile and click the plus sign below your Instagram bio to create a new Highlight.

Choose photos and videos from your Stories archive to add to the Highlight. Don’t forget to add a title and customize the cover image.

How to Use IG Stories Highlights Effectively

Now that you have this feature, it’s time to maximize its potential. Here are 10 ideas to make the most of your Instagram Highlights:

  1. Show off your best live streaming moments.
  2. Share important announcements.
  3. Provide resources and educational content.
  4. Promote events.
  5. Answer follower questions.
  6. Highlight reviews.
  7. Engage your followers with fun content.
  8. Feature your campaigns.
  9. Introduce your team to your audience.
  10. Brand your Highlight covers to match your profile.

Last but not least, remember to measure each highlights’ performance using Instagram Stories analytics.

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We’ve guided you through the process of creating your own Highlights with customization options. Now equipped with these strategies, it’s time to embark on your Instagram Stories Highlights journey. Create your distinct Highlight categories, share your unique content, and use Instagram Stories analytics to measure your success. Good luck!

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