What’s the Best Way to Start a 24/7 YouTube Stream in 2024?

Still wondering how to run 24/7 streams on YouTube? No worries! We’ve got you covered in this easy-to-follow guide. Whether you’re a content creator, rising YouTuber, passionate gamers, or just want to share your favorite stuff live, we’ve got the info you need.

So, what’s in this article? First, a quick overview. Then, we’ll guide you through all the steps to set up a 24 7 live stream with pre-recorded videos. We’ll cover things like what equipment and software you need, choosing the right platform, and making your stream engaging.

If you’re ready to make your content stand out and reach more people, let’s get started on the steps!

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What is a 24/7 Streams?

What is a 24/7 Streams?
Source: Eklipse Blog – 24/7 streaming channels

24/7 streams means a streaming content all day, every day without any breaks. It’s like having a constant flow of shows or videos available for you to watch. This could be live broadcasts or pre-recorded content that plays continuously.

So, instead of waiting for a specific time for a show to start, you can tune in anytime you want because the streaming never stops. All you need is an internet-connected device, and you’re good to go without any need for extra equipment or specific subscriptions.

With 24/7 live stream free through OTT (Over-The-Top; a way of watching shows without using traditional cables or satellite systems), you can enjoy this continuous flow of content on various devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, and computers.

Make Your Content

make youtube 24 7 live stream content
Source: TechPrevue – How to run 24 7 streams on youtube on iphone

Before you begin arranging your live stream, it’s important to prepare your content. This might include making new content just for your live stream, reusing old material, or obtaining content from online sources.

  • Creating content: You have the option to make fresh content by recording new videos or repurposing existing material from your collection (pre recorded live stream YouTube).
  • Obtaining content: To simplify things further, you can download royalty-free music and images. Royalty-free media is accessible for use by anyone without requiring payment for each use or download. Numerous websites provide free or budget-friendly royalty-free media, such as Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

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Set Up YouTube for 24/7 Live Streaming

Set Up YouTube for 24/7 Live Streaming
Source: Eklipse Blog – Set Up YouTube for 24/7 Live Streaming

Go follow these steps to establish your continuous 24/7 live stream on YouTube:

Step 1: Create a YouTube Channel
Begin by creating a YouTube channel. If you already have one, proceed to the next step. If not, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to YouTube.com and log in to your Google account.
  2. Click the “Create a channel” button under your profile button in the dropdown menu.
  3. Provide your YouTube channel with a name, URL handle (the text after “youtube.com/” and starts with “@”), and upload a profile picture.

Step 2: Verify Account & Enable Live Streaming
Once you have a YouTube channel, verify your account and enable live streaming by providing basic information and verifying your phone number:

  1. Navigate to your YouTube channel.
  2. In Settings, select “Channel,” then choose “Feature eligibility,” and click “Verify Phone Number” under “2. Intermediate features.”
  3. Once your phone is verified, all features (Standard, Intermediate, and Advanced) will be enabled.

Step 3: Set Up YouTube Live
After phone verification and enabling live streaming, set up YouTube Live by creating a new stream and configuring settings:

  1. Click on the “Go Live” option, represented by a camera with a “+” icon.
  2. Choose when you want to go live.
  3. Select the type of stream that suits you; in this case, we’ll choose streaming software.
  4. Indicate if your content is for kids or adults.
  5. Choose accordingly, considering the impact on features like personalized ads and live chat.

Step 4: Configure Title, Description & Other Settings
Complete the setup by filling in the remaining information (Title, Category, Description, etc.) and configuring other settings. You can skip this for now and return to it after building the stream.

Note: Copy your stream key from this step and save it securely, as it will be needed later in the process.

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Set Up Your Streaming Software for 24/7 Live Streaming

how to make a 24/7 youtube live stream
Source: LiveReacting Blog – how to stream music on youtube 24/7

Now it’s time to begin your 24/7 live stream YouTube free! It’s recommended to use free 24/7 live stream software to help you generate endless streaming.

Below are listed some best 24 7 streaming platform to use:

Using OBS Studio and Connecting to Your YouTube Channel

OBS Studio is a popular choice for running a 24 hours live streaming. You can use your laptop or PC and ensure you have a stable internet connection. However, keep in mind that running OBS Studio on your device will require it to be running 24/7.

Renting a VPS

Another top YouTube live streaming option is to rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) from a hosting provider. This allows you to run OBS on the 24/7 live stream server and upload your video content there. Be cautious of additional charges for network bandwidth, as streaming at 1080p@30FPS can consume significant bandwidth.

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Using a 24/7 Live Streaming Service

There are various services available that can assist in setting up and maintaining a 24/7 live stream. Some provide pre-configured VPS options, while others offer user-friendly interfaces for uploading and streaming content directly from the browser.

Streaming Bots

Streaming Bots is one such live streaming tool software that offers drag-and-drop functionality for uploading videos and live streaming directly from the browser. With plans starting at $20 per stream, it provides an efficient solution for managing 24/7 streams without the need for complex setups or high data consumption.


Permastream.io offers an affordable way to set up and manage full-HD@30fps streams through its web-based drag & drop interface. The platform handles hosting and maintenance in the background, allowing creators to focus solely on their content.

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Start Your Stream

Start 24/7 live Stream on YouTube
Source: Eklipse Blog – Start 24/7 live Stream on YouTube

Once everything is set up, it’s time to kick off your stream! Here’s how to run 24/7 streams on YouTube:

Step 1: Launch your stream in the streaming software
In your streaming software, click the “Start stream” button to initiate your continuous 24/7 live stream.

Exactly one minute later, your stream will be live and running!

Step 2: Confirm that you are live
Just to be sure, let’s verify that your stream is indeed live.

To check the live status of your stream:

  1. Streaming software: Confirm that the button is green, indicating it’s “Streaming.”
  2. YouTube Studio: Ensure that the stream is active, and there is a red “Live” icon.
  3. YouTube.com: Locate your 24/7 live stream in search results or on your YouTube channel.

Step 3: Keep an eye on your stream
Regularly monitor your stream to make sure everything is functioning correctly. Engage with your viewers by responding to comments, encouraging them to return for more.

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Tips for a successful Streaming 24/7 on YouTube?

Tips for a successful Streaming 24/7 on YouTube
Source: Media Mister – how to make a successful 24/7 live streaming

Now that you understand the basics of setting up a 24/7 stream, let’s make your live streams even better. You can do this by simply following these pro suggestions:

Consider Bandwidth Costs

Providing 24/7 free streaming can be expensive due to continuous bandwidth usage. Therefore, it’s important to choose an online video hosting service with affordable bandwidth plans.

Some online video platforms (OVPs) provide plans with unlimited bandwidth, while others charge based on the amount of bandwidth you use. Each OVP has its own method for calculating live-streaming costs.

Equipment Malfunction Risk and Redundancy

24-hour live streaming poses new challenges when it comes to equipment. Equipment can overheat or malfunction for various reasons, and you need to ensure that your hardware are capable of handling continuous streaming. Try to invest in reliable hardware like video encoders, and 24/7 live stream camera.

Leverage Pre-Recorded Content

Even if your live stream is happening right now, you can also show videos you recorded before. This can be short clips or longer videos. It’s helpful if the person on the screen needs a break.

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Create a “Plan B”

Even if you plan well and set up everything correctly, sometimes things go wrong, like a camera breaking or someone not being able to be on the stream. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan and extra equipment ready, like chargers and batteries.

Keep the Audience In Mind

When you have a 24/7 stream, always think about what your viewers like. You want to make sure they have a good experience. Try to make everything smooth so that it’s easy for them to watch. Also, consider the best times to show certain things based on who you want to watch.

Prioritize Content Quality Control

Make sure your content is good and interesting. People’s attention is important, so plan your stream well to give them something valuable. It’s better to focus on having good content instead of just filling time.

Measure Engagement with Analytics

Utilize analytical tools to gauge the audience’s response to your stream. This will help you understand what is effective and what isn’t. You can adjust your content based on viewer preferences, akin to receiving real-time feedback.

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Experiment and Try New Things

Don’t be afraid to try new and fun things. Surprise your audience with different content or ways of doing things. Experiment with new ideas to keep your stream interesting!

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Setting up and maintaining a 24/7 live stream on YouTube requires careful consideration of various factors such as equipment, internet connection, hosting options, pricing plans, legal permissions, and more.

By exploring different methods as mentioned, you can find solutions that best suit your needs while ensuring consistent engagement with your audience through uninterrupted live streams. Happy streaming!

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